7 Things You Should Know Before Going Blonde

gegrgrgrertHair coloring has been a medium for expressing ourselves, similar to getting tattoos and piercings. Among the three, it may be the least painful, but it may also require more work. There is an expression saying “blondes have more fun” which may mean a couple of things. One of these may be that it is much easier to try out other, wilder hair colors with a lighter hair base. So, if you are a brunette or a ginger thinking of trying out the blonde life, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Virgin hair requires less treatment. You should know that if you have not dyed your hair before or you have what is often called “virgin hair”, you would require less hair treatment for the transformation. If you will have your hair professionally dyed, tell the stylist right away so they know to properly process your hair coloring.
  • Leave it to the professionals. Coloring your hair requires a lot of processes, experience, and knowledge. It is best to save your hair from potentially damaging procedures and play safe by entrusting your tresses to the stylists. They will know how to best deal with your hair transformation. At this time, spill every detail of your hair history to your stylist and you will be in much better hands.
  • Base your shade on your eye color and skin complexion. Before considering what shade of blonde you would like, do a bit of research on which ones look better based on your eye color and skin complexion. According to celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, the general rule is “the lighter your skin tone, the paler you can go with your hair.” This rule plays around with the combination of the proper shades will bring out the best in you.
  • Bring a picture for your desired shade and style. If you are very specific and decided on what you want, bring a picture to guide your stylist. Talking in terms of color and shade may be inaccurate since there could be different meanings for some terms. A visual would directly bring the point across to your stylist and they could advise you around your hair preferences.
  • Be patient. Your desired hair color will undergo more than one visit to the salon. Depending on the current shade of your hair, you could be going back for several weeks with different procedures.
  • Moisturize your hair before leaving the salon. Your hair will go through tedious processes with a bunch of chemicals and hair products. Your hair and scalp may dry out. Stylists usually put masks and treatments after the hair coloring session and before you leave the salon. This is to ensure that your hair remains healthy and fit for further procedures or for easier management at home.
  • Maintenance will be costly and time-consuming. Aside from paying a professional to have your hair dyed, you have to keep returning to your stylist for further dyeing and further procedures. Then you have to do your part at home and continue with maintaining the process. Say goodbye to heat tools – heat is not a blonde’s best friend. You may think about investing in a shower-head filter. Mineral build-up could alter the color of your hair. You will have to schedule weekly or bi-weekly treatments for the maintenance of your hair. You will also have to change your hair products, particularly your shampoo. It must be color-safe to preserve your hair and helps eliminate unwanted yellow tones from the hair, such as the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo, the world’s number one best toning shampoo. Apply it to wet hair, massage, and leave for a few minutes, rinse, and repeat as necessary.

Going blonde is a serious decision and takes full commitment. Backing out midway may result to dry, damaged hair. If ever you are having second thoughts, you could try for highlights or hombré first to test the waters. Whatever it may be, just go and have a colorful hair adventure!

If you have any questions, please ask below!