7 Essential Summer Beauty Treatments

With the temperature increasing and May now over, Summer is just around the corner. Everyone wants to look their best for those warmer months when we spend most of our free time outdoors, dig out our summer wardrobes and have much more skin on show! Additionally, summer is a time to prioritise yourself and your wellbeing, this is where a beauty treatment can come in. Having a beauty treatment is a very relaxing experience and gives you a much needed break from the stress of day to day life. If you are planning a beauty overhaul this article will be your inspiration as we reveal the top six essential summer beauty treatments you should be treating yourself to in order to get ready for Summer…

  1. Tanning

We all desire that bronzed “holiday” glow even if we are not one of the lucky ones having a vacation this summer. It is very easy to fake a summer complexion with the range of tanning treatments on the market that provide a quick sun-kissed solution. Tanning is certainly an essential summer beauty treatment in 2018; there is a range of tanning treatments and products available for you to choose from depending on your budget including spray tans, gradual tinted moisturiser, fake tans and sun beds. The DIY options such as fake tans are a much more affordable option in the long term however if you want to be certain of a streak free tan spray tans or sunbeds may be a good set. If you want to make the change gradually a tinted moisturiser may be the route to take as it slowly builds a natural looking tan over time. Remember whichever treatment you decide on to do your research and exfoliate before having a treatment!

  1. Chocolate Treatments

Today there is a range of new, innovative and unique beauty treatments out there that you may have not heard of yet, all involving chocolate. If you fancy joining the “cocoa” bandwagon and nourishing your skin a chocolate scrub may be one for you – this will fully exfoliate your body or you could have a chocolate body wrap which will moisturise and smooth your skin. Effectively you will feel like a wrapped up chocolate bar which does make this treatment a very unique experience. Chocolate in beauty is expected to be a huge beauty trend due to its beauty benefits including its antioxidant properties and its ability to detoxify the skin leaving your skin glowing all through summer.

  1. Laser Hair Removal

Want to be hair free this summer? Laser hair removal is a huge summer beauty trend and one you should not miss out on, it removes body hair from a variety of areas depending on where you want to target such as your legs, underarm, face, bikini line and face. If hair maintenance over summer is a hassle you want to avoid, laser hair removal will be the solution for you! Laser hair removal treatments utilises the light of a laser through the pigments of hair follicles to remove unwanted body hair, which also means it grows back much slower and thinner. Nevertheless as lasers are used there are risks involved, which is why is is crucial to do your research and check your beautician is fully qualified to do the procedure before the treatment. If you do experience any burns or damage from negligence you are entitled to make a compensation claim for laser hair removal burns.

  1. SPF Hair Treatment

Your hair can easily become damaged in the sun, subsequently an essential summer beauty treatment to prevent hair sun damage is an SPF Hair Treatment, a service which is offered by many hair salons. Additionally conditioning hair treatments, sun protectant sprays and hair masks are all readily available so you can easily keep up hair maintenance. A top tip to prevent any hair damage from chlorine in swimming pools is to have a cold shower before swimming, this helps because hair can only absorb a certain amount of water. Therefore if you shower first your hair will absorb fresh water instead of the chlorine swimming pool water.

  1. Bamboo Joint Release Experience

A Bamboo Joint Release Experience is a brand new treatment on the block and could be exactly what you need to have in preparation for those summer months. This treatment is similar to a hot stone massage but instead of heating stones bamboo sticks are heated up. The bamboo sticks help relieve any back pain or knots as the sticks are slowly rolled over your back. This is a very tranquil yet different summer beauty treatment.

  1. “Mani & Pedi”

You cannot go wrong with the traditional beauty treatment of a manicure and pedicure this summer. Keeping your nails in check and adding a splash of colour certainly adds a touch of glamour to your summer look and with a range of treatments on offer the world is your oyster. Manicure and pedicure treatments can range from a simple file and polish, a french manicure or pedicure, a gel manicure or a gel pedicure, shellac or pedicure treatments where a paraffin wax and exfoliation is included which help remove any dead skin helping your feet look perfect in your summer footwear or flip flops!

  1. Facial

A facial will keep your skin in great condition despite the harsh impacts of the sun. There are many types of facials available that can rectify any skin related issues you may be suffering with depending on your skin type. There are facials which moisturise, cleanse, restore or exfoliate, to name just a few. Facials help remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and smooth over your skin whilst removing any chemicals or bacteria from the skin that should not be there. Furthermore, there are facials which focus on combating anti-aging where they increase your blood circulation and help reduce the appearance of aging such as wrinkles on your face. Sit back and relax with a facial, let your mind go blank and use a facial treatment as a time to step back and de-stress.

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