5 Tips to Stop Hair Loss at a Young Age

defrwqfqrJust like all other body parts, even hair needs essential vitamins and minerals to grow. Hair loss at a young age is becoming a common cause of worry. Young boys and girls, especially teenagers and adolescent are prone to hair loss.

“Your diet, daily routine and physical and hormonal changes in the body during teenage and adolescence can be a major reason for hair loss,” say experts

While you are done reading this post, you will know the common causes of hair loss at a young age and some useful tips to stop it. So keep reading.

To determine what is the best method to stop hair fall among teenagers you must first understand the reasons for hair loss.

  • Lack of Nutrients: Our body is made of essential vitamins and minerals and elements that are vital for adequate body composition. We need to keep refilling this reserve to maintain a healthy body. Hair also needs vitamins and minerals to grow. If our diet does not constitute vitamins like vitamin A, B6, E and minerals like magnesium and zinc, hair will become weak resulting in hair loss.
  • Environment: Pollutants in the atmosphere is a primary reason for hair loss. Air and water pollutants are some serious cause of worry. Our hair is exposed to such contaminants on a daily basis, leading to damaged and rough hair. Such pollutants get trapped in hair follicles making hair stands weak causing hair loss.
  • Use of chemicals: Young age means being trendy and stylish. Both young males and females adore different hairstyles to look cool and pretty. For this, they treat their hair with a lot of chemicals like hair gel, serums, color, straightening, curling and more. Impact of such substances can be severe.
  • Hormonal changes: Yet another reason for hair loss at a young age is the hormonal changes when a body goes from teenage to adolescent. Due to such changes, a body endures both physical and mental challenges, often leading to stress. Stress is common during hormonal changes, and it is bad for your hair and can become a reason for hair loss.

Now, that you know the common causes of hair loss at a young age, let me tell you about these excellent tips to stop it. I will now tell you five tips, out of which four are preventive while fifth is a cure for those who have lost a substantial amount of hair.

Tip 1: Diet rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and B6, magnesium, zinc, and Omega is critical for maintaining vitality and health of hair. “Having one portion of fruits, one portion of vegetables and one portion fish/meat should constitute your daily diet.” say experts. If you are suffering hair loss, it can be due to insufficient supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Taking a diet rich in these vitamins and minerals will help to reduce your hair loss.

Tip 2: if you are dealing with hair loss you must avoid the use of cosmetics and chemical treatment on hair. Avoid use of hairspray, hair styling gels and creams, hair color and other such products. Try using natural hair care products and shampoos. Ancient Ayurveda from India has natural remedies that can cure hair loss. You can get these products from Indian stores or order them online.

Tip 3: stress is again is a common cause of hair loss. Complications at a young age need to be catered through counseling and right guidance to avoid young men and women getting stressed. Also, there are drugs available for hair loss resulting from stress. But for that, you have to visit your doctor, and he will advise you either counseling or medication or both depending on your condition.

Tip 4: saving your hair from the harsh pollutants in the environment is critical. Use of hair cap or scarf and a hair protect sunscreen can help prevent damaging your hair due to environment and sun damages. On the other hand, using soft water to wash your hair is vital. Hard water causes massive damage to scalp and hair follicles leading to hair loss.

Tip 5: While I was reading some hair loss treatment reviews, I came across this scientific formula prepared from natural elements that can treat chronic hair loss in both males and females effectively. Provillus, yes, this is an FDA approved formula for re-growing hair naturally. Provillus has no side effects. It was tested on a large group of youngsters dealing with hair loss, and the results were terrific. About 90% of volunteers saw visible results within 21 days. Provillus is an effective remedy as it contains, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Zinc and Magnesium as its essential component.

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