5 Tips to Lose Weight Safely

weight gainYou just have to take a look around you to see that a growing number of children and adults are overweight. Bad diets and a lack of exercise are contributing to this weighty problem. These children and adults face a shorter life span because of the strain placed on their body organs.

The weight you put on could be caused by a number of factors like genes, family history, habits or metabolism. There are some excellent ideas for you to do something and feel more confident and healthier.

  1. No need to starve – just eat smaller portions

By changing your habits and making a concerted effort to eat smaller, more nutritious portions, you’ll begin to see some positive things starting to happen.

Meal portions have got larger. Go to a diner and you’ll see that the slice of cake they serve you or the burger is large enough to feed three people, not one. We have simply become accustomed to eating larger and more calorie-laden meals.

  1. Support groups for those with serious weight issues

Some overweight people may take weight loss medications, opt for surgery even or make some lifestyle changes. Whatever decisions you make for weight loss, it can be encouraging joining a support group for weight loss as you glean useful information on weight control.

Some people will tell you how they walk every day while others attend a water-fitness class and sauna. Other people will say they control their weight by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables while another swears by eliminating all sugar. You can listen to all this and find the support you need as well as valuable information.

  1. Intermittent fasting

Fasting has always been in practice for religious purposes, and it’s nothing new. Fasting can be a safe way to achieve weight loss for healthy adults. There are different ways to fast – some people cut out dinner for a week while others fast every 2nd day.

People with chronic disease and pregnant women are examples of people who shouldn’t be doing this fast. Fasting programs vary, but intermittent fasting is drawing plenty of interest as a safe, effective way to lose weight.

Fasting has numerous other health benefits apart from losing weight. The beauty of this fasting is that while no food is allowed, you can still drink your tea and coffee.

  1. Get the right information

Choosing a safe weight loss program isn’t always easy. You want the best information before settling on a weight loss program. If you have the financial means, see a registered dietitian and find out all you can about your health needs before joining a weight loss program.

For all you know, your extra weight might be caused by a health problem such as hypothyroidism or even from some medication you are taking.

  1. Coconut oil

Choose foods that release fat. Coconut oil works on the fat of abdominally overweight women. Studies have been done to show that using coconut oil can decrease your weight circumference. It prevents fat accumulation and it stimulates your metabolism.

When it comes to weight loss, coconut oil should be used in place of other cooking oils. Coconut oil also works as an appetite suppressant as it increases feelings of fullness. Also, in populations where coconut oil is commonly eaten, high cholesterol levels and heart disease are fairly unknown.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to coconut oil is moderation. Like other oils, coconut oil contains saturated fats, so the idea is to start eating just one tablespoon a day and as you get used to it, you can ease your body into 2 or 3 tablespoons a day.

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