4 Simple and Delicious Weight Loss Tips Proven by Science

gtegrtgerIf you don’t believe that effective weight loss tips can include eating delicious foods, you definitely don’t follow medical research. Nutritionists, dieticians, and teams of other experts on the works of the human body work tirelessly to find better ways of weight reduction. Their studies yield some interesting results. All of them clearly indicate that starvation diets aren’t the answer to effective weight loss. Instead, people must focus on eating the right kinds of foods in reasonable amounts.

4 Science-Proven Weight Loss Tips and Treats

1. Start Your Day with Plant Proteins

As stated by a study from Food & Nutrition Research, eating a high-protein legume patty for breakfast makes one eat about 100 calories less for lunch. The secret is the feeling of satiation that comes from the combination of legume fiber and protein.

Some tasty and weight loss friendly ways to enjoy legumes for breakfast include:

  • A low-fat burrito with beans, leftover brown rice, and fresh veggies
  • A traditional British baked beans toast
  • Scrambled eggs with chickpeas
  • Toasts with hummus

2. Eat Probiotics Regularly

According to the Cell Host & Microbe journal, the health of your gut microbiota is essential for the efficiency of any ‘nutritional intervention’. Simply put, this means that with your gut bacteria not functioning properly, no amount of weight loss tips will help. These bacteria are what allows our bodies to process food and absorb nutrients efficiently.

A meta-analysis published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition covers 25 studies that prove eating probiotic foods to be efficient for reducing BMI (Body Mass Index). There are many more studies on this subject, and all of them prove that probiotics are invaluable to the human body. Some scientists even start finding connections between poor gut health and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, eating probiotic-rich foods can benefit you in some unexpected but great ways.

Dietary sources of probiotics are fermented foods, like yogurt, kefir, kimchee, sauerkraut, and virtually any type of fermented vegetables.

3. Keep Your Metabolism Strong at All Times

Watching shows, like The Biggest Loser makes all articles with healthy weight loss tips seem inefficient. Because, clearly, an ultra-low-calorie diet and some insane workouts can make one slim incredibly fast. Thus, all that scientific advice about moderate calorie-intake, healthy meals, and 30 minutes of daily exercise are for fainthearted only, right?


As shows a follow-up study on The Biggest Loser contestants, these people regained up to 90 pounds of their original weight within the next 6 years. The cause is that they didn’t maintain that insanely high level of metabolism they had during the program. It’s actually a good thing as that would be awfully detrimental to their overall health.

The point of this example is that to have consistent long-term results, you must maintain a stable metabolism. Regular moderate workouts will help keep your calorie-burning drive active. However, the foods you eat have a more consistent effect in this regard. Simple things, like spicing your food up with cayenne pepper or eating citrus fruits will speed up the metabolism naturally (and safely). Taking weight loss pills with these ingredients for a stronger effect can give you an ‘extra-kick’ needed at the beginning of the program. Do this when you are actively burning weight and keep up dietary intake of natural ‘metabolism boosters’ to maintain it.

4. Embrace Olive Oil (and the Mediterranean Diet)

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most delicious diets on Earth. It’s also one of the healthiest and many weight loss tips feature recipes from Mediterranean cuisine. However, the majority of them highlight that the Mediterranean diet can be quite high-fat and thus, shouldn’t be embraced fully. Olive oil, in particular, is one of the ‘fattest’ components of this nutrition plan. Thus, many amateur-dieticians suggest avoiding it completely.

However, as is proven by a study published in The Lancet, consuming olive oil actually makes you lose more weight. Note that this matter pertains not only to olive oil but to all healthy fats. The truth is that we need to eat some fat to stay healthy, so your main task is to stick to the ‘good’ varieties, such as olive oil, lean meat, fish, and nuts.

Delicious Weight Loss Tips: Conclusion

With every new piece of research nutrition scientists prove that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is more effective for long-term weight loss than starving yourself. So, you can enjoy tasty foods as long as they are included in an efficient and balanced dietary plan.

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