Basic First Aid Skills

First_Aid_Kit_2Nobody can predict the future and it is therefore imperative that you prepare yourself for the uncertain. There are a number of precautions that can be taken to ensure you are able to survive the worst possibilities and scenarios. One such pre-emptive measure is learning essential first aid skills that can help you in dire circumstances.

First aid is the initial treatment and help given to those who have been in an accident, received injuries or need medical help. First aid training encompasses various techniques and skills that can help you and others in trouble. These courses are taught at many places and are usually free of cost. You can also gain knowledge and learn from tutorials online on YouTube and other medical websites easily, without much hassle.

Your next concern must be the fact that a first aid treatment involves thousands of things and many different techniques and skills. So which ones are most important and should be learned? This article will list down five such essential first aid skills that you must know.

Treating burns

Getting burns in your everyday routine is quite common. Touching a hot pipe, your car's radiator or even a very hot cup of coffee can sometimes leave you with burns that sting and hurt. If you are near someone who needs help with their burn injuries or you need to treat yourself, it is important to know how. First things first you need to wash the wound slowly with water. Once it has been washed, use aloe vera ointment. If you think the burn is severe, visit the nearest clinic or doctor.

How to give CPR

In many accidents there is urgent need for the injured to get oxygen. This is most common on beaches where many who have been saved from drowning need CPR on immediate basis. CPR is the abbreviation for cardiopulmonary resuscitation which allows you to help someone who is suffering from respiratory problems. CPR is also used to help those who are facing a cardiac arrest. Doctors also use it for patients if they are not near a defibrillator.

Using tourniquet

There are instances where the injury is severe and dire action is required. One skill that can come in handy at such a time will be the use of tourniquet. Though these can save a life, it is still advised that they should be used only when this is your last resort. Tourniquet helps in applying pressure on the wound so that serious bleeding can be stopped. The reason their frequent use is discouraged or these are not recommended as a first choice to stop the bleeding is that they are difficult to use and inaccurate usage may result in serious injury and amputation. This makes it incredibly important that you learn how to use it properly. Learn along with this various other techniques that can be used to stop the bleeding so that you don't have to rely solely on tourniquet.

Helping a choking baby

Babies are naturally curious and love picking things up from the floor. They also have the natural tendency to put them in their mouth. Imagine small Lego pieces or steel screws left lying around that your baby finds while crawling around. This could possibly lead to choking and urgent help must be provided. Therefore it is important to learn how to help your baby or someone else's should they choke on something. Handling toddlers is difficult and requires training. If you learn a first aid response for choking, you can not only save your baby's life but also get in time to a clinic for proper medical care.

Dressing a wound

There are many kinds of injuries and wounds and all require different kinds of dressing. If you want to help yourself or someone should they incur an injury, it is important that you definitely know how to dress a wound using different things found in a first aid kit. This will help you come up with ideas when trying to help someone in a crisis.

There are numerous techniques in a first aid course and if you can you should learn all of them by attending various courses that are offered at your local clinics and hospitals. This will help you react productively in any emergency and enjoy the self gratifying experience that comes with helping someone.

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