7 Health and Fitness Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Women have challenging roles, biologically as well as socially. The physical and mental labor of women, while often unaccounted for in casually sexist setups of the economy- such as the GDP- fail to find their well-deserved place.

Women multitask like maniacs working at home and their jobs, managing immaculately well both the domestic spaces and the professional fronts. They juggle through the polyphonous characters with ease and set a precedent in all departments alike.

While they bash the patriarchy and change the world, it is crucial for women to understand how these draining tasks affect their mind and body in order to deal effectively with the stress- both mental and physical.

To ensure that women take due care of their minds, bodies, and souls, here is a list of health and fitness tips, compiled with both ease and effectiveness in mind.

  1. A flexible plan to start with

It is unimaginable to have a strict and pointy diet plan and not feel squashed through the day while craving the guilty pleasures that comes with a caramel latte with a dollop of Nutella.

While most will go on about the importance of adhering to this stringent diet for one’s sake, it is also crucial to understand that following it at all times is not only depressing but also extremely difficult when the shelves are only stacked with unhealthy snacks.

A diet requires meal preparation and planning ahead, and sometimes that just is not possible. Therefore it is important to not beat oneself up when slipping through a diet. Rather it is important to be accommodating and having room in the diet for errors and treats.

Long-term results that last are much more important than short-term results which require extensive effort but do not last for long enough.

  1. The chakra must be balanced

In an attempt to cut down on carbs or fats or sugars, one must not forget how important balance is. It is imperative to remember that every food group is important for a healthy diet.

To maintain a healthy balance, it is important to only monitor and control the intake of fats or sugars, or carbs, and not completely stop it as that can have adverse effects on the body.

In case of disturbed sleeping patterns or undue anxiety, one should never ignore these and consult a doctor straight away.

  1. Take enough calcium

Most women choose to have children, though this trend is rapidly seeing a welcome change. For those who choose to experience blissful motherhood in the future, or already have, it is important to consume calcium in adequate amounts.

If there is a shortage of calcium in the body during pregnancy or lactation, the bones and teeth get weaker and consequently get brittle.

Menstruation also causes loss of minerals in the body, which is why every woman who experiences the monthly cycles should take enough minerals, including calcium.

Ensuring that one gets enough Vitamin D is also essential for the proper absorption of calcium in the body.

  1. “Refill, please.”

It is more important for women to consume water than it is for men due to purely scientific reasons: men have more muscle, which holds water very well; and women have more fat, which does not hold water very well.

As a result, women at greater risk of experiencing dehydration, which in turn has a range of negative effects on the health. It makes one lethargic, causes acne and bad breath, and can even lead to abnormal calcification and infections.

It is advisable to consume ample fluids for the same reason, and the best option among those would be water.

  1. Maintain the posture

The most common reason women have body aches is not the exertion of the body, which of course affects it too, but that women often hold stress in different parts of the body.

Due to a clenched jaw, tight shoulders, and stressed eyebrows, the body’s muscles start tightening up everywhere. This tightness causes aches, pains, and several diseases related to the muscles in the body. This can be the cause for chronic pains and lifetime issues which never even come o find a concrete diagnosis.

It is advisable to stretch the entire body at least twice a day to release this tension that is accumulated in the body. A quick tip is to notice once in a while if the body feels stiff or doesn’t, and then relax the shoulders, straighten posture and practice deep breathing techniques.

  1. Find a healthy hobby

Hobbies are important because they help the mind refresh and rejuvenate, and take the focus away from the stresses of every day. This, in turn, makes it easier to concentrate and perform better with more enthusiasm than before.

A hobby could very well be watching detective shows, but when done lying on the sofa with three bowls of popcorn, it can be rather unhealthy. Moreover, research has proven that hobbies which require the engagement of the body help make one more active and alert, and have several health benefits.

Healthy hobbies which are fun and engaging are easy to find, it could be taking a furry friend for a walk for a climb once a week, doing yoga or aerobics, or just dancing for a half hour every day.

What is important is that one enjoys the hobbies that they have, since the most important part of this exercise is to allow the mind to relax and refresh.

  1. Positive vibes only

It is not unknown that the people one has around them can change their mood, attitude, approach, and their entire day. While everyone has outbursts and bad days occasionally which only remind everyone of how they are human, it is important to look out for negative people who constantly dole out criticism and unnecessary comments.

Dealing with such people on an everyday basis is very taxing and exhausting, and is a risk no woman should take.

Following simple tips like the ones aforementioned which do not require a gargantuan change in the lifestyle but are easy to accommodate in the day to day activities are key for one being healthy.

As women grow older, they should never ignore aches and stiffness, other issues that are unaccounted for, and consult a doctor. Docprime is one such platform which can be used for free doctor consultation.

The most important step to being healthy is always being happy, and a positive and optimistic approach can transform even the worst of days, and show excellent results in one’s health in the short and the long term.

If you have any questions, please ask below!