6 Playlists to Reduce Insomnia and Help You Relax

In today’s society, music is no longer just a form of entertainment, it has become an integral part of our daily lives. Recent research has shown that music has the ability to influence us on a psychological and neurological level – making the brain release a chemical that gives pleasure in the same way experienced when eating or having sex.

Music and mood are closely linked. Songs that are considered ‘pleasant’ and ‘active’ are extremely beneficial at the start of the day after waking up and can augment your morning mood, providing a kickstart to a happy and successful day. Listening to music can also help you relax, in fact, the calming effect of music has been scientifically proven. Using soothing music to wind down before going to bed is a great relaxation technique. The fact that a song may have a calming, sometimes even physical affect, lowering the heart rate and slowing down breathing, shows what incredible tool music is for our physical emotional health, daily performance, and sleep. There are many ways to make drifting off to dreamland easier. Despite listening to music as a tool to improve sleep, make sure to maintain a good sleep hygiene and improve your sleeping environment by investing in a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft.

Scrolling through any of streaming platform such as Spotify and Apple Music reveals playlists that include a variety of music intended to help you drift off to sleep. Whether you enjoy listening to classical, ambient, rock or pop, you can find plenty of songs that help you relax, unwind and doze off. You can experiment with your favourite sleepy tunes and assemble the perfect playlist or check out the below playlists for some relaxing and upbeat chill-out.

Here are 6 Playlists to help you unwind and drift into a deep sleep.


This scientifically curated playlist is an eight-hour composition curated by classical composer Max Richter and neuroscientist David Eagleman and geared to help you nod off. The composition even made it to SXSW festival 2018 with an eight-hour overnight performance to 150 people tucked into bed – and it worked!


Relax, hangout, and unwind listening to this playlist by Featuring a sublime mix of indie, chill and electronic tracks, this playlist is great for a lazy Sunday morning when you decide to snuggle up with your blanket and stay in bed a little longer, or whenever you need a dose of relaxation. Put on the mellow tunes and let your troubles melt away with this ethereal mix.


A soundscape of chilled jams to help you relax, wind down and de-stress at home or work with great mellow music. Soak away the stress, quieten your mind and calm your thoughts with this mix of unwinding vibes.

4. COSMOS – Volume 1

One hour of epic space music. Listen to this dreamy instrumental ambient music mix to tune out and escape this planet for a little bit. 16 incredible songs about space and beyond that let you emerge into the history of the Universe and our place in it. Allow this cinematic music mix to take you to wonderful places where time and space seem to no longer exist.

5. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

The perfect tunes to accompany your cup of coffee or tea. For lazy mornings when you want to do nothing more than curl up in bed with a warm cup of coffee, and listen to some sweet, mellow tunes, lull away and fall into a mood of deep relaxation. For post-lunch drowsiness, when you need to fight mid-afternoon doldrums with some soothing tunes and wistful, someday-life-will-be-perfect lyrics.

6. Songs for Insomniacs

Insomniacs, rejoice: This is an ultra-relaxing playlists featuring relaxing songs to help you get some shut-eye. Whether you suffer from insomnia or some other form of sleep disturbance like narcolepsy or SWSD (Shift Work Sleep Disorder) or simply can’t fall to sleep, turn up these sleep-inducing songs. Listen to 30 relaxing tracks before you go to bed to help you relax and hopefully soon drift off into a deep relaxing sleep.

Start off with one of these sleep playlists, remember to turn off all notifications (especially social media, emails, and text messages) on your device, place it facedown so you’re not exposed to the blue light and use your device’s sleep timer so that the music goes off long after you’ve arrived in slumber land.

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