12 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Naturally

happy businessman with tea and laptopAlmost everyone experiences some level of mental health challenges in their lifetime. Whether it’s overwhelm from a loaded schedule, frustration and disappointment around career choices, or grief from the loss of a loved one, you are not alone in your challenges. The good news is that there are ways to boost your mental health with these natural things.

Stay Positive

It may sound hokey, but stay positive. If you’re constantly thinking about all the bad things in life, you’ll spiral into more mental health struggles. But focusing on the good, even while acknowledging the bad is a strategy that can help you improve your mental health.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is so good for you. You don’t need daily intense workouts, but a simple brisk walk each day can make a huge difference in your mental health. Exercise improves brain health, boosts mental clarity, improves self-esteem and even slows aging. Daily exercise is one of the easiest and most natural ways to improve your mental health.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eat delicious foods with all kinds of colors. Fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, meats, nuts, and seeds are powerful weapons against mental health decline. Enjoy dessert sometimes too. You want to create a lifestyle of healthy eating that you love, not that you want an escape from. Healthy foods help protect your brain against declines that can lead to mental health issues.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a mental health killer. It can lead to depression, anxiety, OCD, and so much more. There are many ways to manage stress. Depending on the things in your life this could include meditation, taking breaks, not overloading your schedule, and more. Too much stress causes sleepless nights, exhaustion, fear, and physical ailments to take over.

Get a Hobby

Doing something fun that you love just because you love it is a great way to improve your mental health. Whether you take up gardening, golfing, woodworking, or music, find something to do. A hobby also connects you with other people who enjoy similar things.

Set Goals

If you want a healthy mindset and good mental health, set small goals for yourself to achieve. Whether it’s related to work, your hobbies, furthering your education, or something else, you can easily boost your mental health with goals.

Get Outside

The outdoors provides many benefits for your mental health. Sunshine helps your body produce vitamin D, which is a hormone related to good mental health. Nature is also known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones in your body.

Take Vitamins

Some mental health issues are connected to vitamin deficiencies. Work with your healthcare provider to determine if you need to supplement with magnesium, zinc, or other micronutrients. These vitamins can give you the natural boost you need to improve your mental health.

Ask for Help

Some mental health issues are more than you can handle alone. Whether you need mental health treatment in Southern California, in Virginia, or in Idaho, it’s okay to seek out treatment and professional help. In fact, asking for help is one of the most natural things you can do to improve your mental health.

Take Breaks

We have a bad habit of working hard without taking breaks. We work through our lunch breaks. We work for years without a vacation. We don’t know how to slow down. All this go-go-go mentality has done is to deteriorate our mental well-being. Want a natural way to boost your mental health? Take a break.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

Time with people we love and who love us can fill up our buckets. Laughter, shared experiences, and joyful time together can improve mental health in so many ways. Time with loved ones is so fleeting. It’s important to share that time with those you care about.


While you may think back to your teen years of “dear diary,” the truth is that journaling is a natural way to process your daily thoughts. It can help you let out your emotions in a healthy way and give you the space you need to think through complex issues. It gives you space to be you without judgement. This daily journaling of the good and the bad can improve your mental health.

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