10 Things You Should Know About Anal Sex

I could bet an arm that at school you never got to teach anal sex education, so it seems like an excellent opportunity to talk about it. In our privacy, most of us try to explore new things, but not everyone knows how to practice it, and how to enjoy it. The information we have about it is very scarce, so let’s get into the mess.

#1: We can all enjoy it, and it’s not tied to a specific genre

We tend to have the misconception that whoever practices anal sex becomes gay, or that it is a bit weird, or that very few girls agree to do so because it is an “only exit” hole. According to sex experts, anyone should practice and enjoy anal sex. In many countries, it is the main way to have sex where birth control is not available.

If you are scared of “fecal matter”, you should know that it is very little in this area! And the toilet should be very similar to vaginal cleaning. Bad experiences should not cloud future attempts, because if you do it right, you will both enjoy it. It is an area with many nerve endings, and that is why it is very pleasant.

#2: Don’t fart before doing it, or do it without planning

This is usually very typical, I get a fart that freaks out, and oops! He has accidentally entered there … So don’t use psychotropic substances, or get drunk before practicing it, this must be planned, discussed by both, and you have to agree to try.

#3: Use lubricant

Unfortunately, the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina, so you should use a good lubricant so that the penetration is not traumatic or painful. Use one that is very dense based on water, and silicone, it will last a long time, and it will not dry out easily. If you use a condom (which is recommended), do not use oil-based lubricants, as they end up breaking the latex.

#4: Porn videos is not a good place to learn

Let’s see, watching porn is like watching those short cooking videos that have become fashionable on Facebook, the chef starts doing everything really well in a short time, and you are amazed watching how the onions are perfectly cut, all slices appear magically on the table, and nothing gets dirty. In no porn you will see the previous anal sex, you will not see the lubricant, the type that is used, nor will you see the couple talking if they want to try it.

You can use these movies as stimulating support to get excited, especially as it is in gay porn, but never to learn.

#5: Making preliminaries: Like a Boss

If preliminary penetrations are needed for vaginal penetration, imagine anal penetration. So caress the outside of the anus, while giving pleasure to other places, lick your partner, cause excitement, this way you will achieve an erotic connection between the stimuli you receive with anal pleasure. So the receiver will relax and enjoy doing it.

#6: The receiver is the one in charge

The receiver is that he must control the depth of the penetration, the speed, the position, and everything! The receiver should be as comfortable as possible to enjoy the experience. It is good that you talk about it beforehand so that later you are not shouting the instructions that you must follow while you practice it.

#7: Masturbation during penetration

It is much better for girls to masturbate, and stimulate the clitoris while they are penetrated since the nervous system will associate family pleasure with the new experience. This helps a lot to relax and make the moment in general memorable.

#8: You can reach orgasm

Anal orgasm is perfectly attainable by stimulating the G-spot through the back. Although it may be a chance, since anatomically the G-spot could be in that wall and in others not be, this will depend a lot on each person. But fundamentally your partner should be relaxed and should enjoy every sensation. Stress will not help reach orgasm.

#9: Change condom

If you are going from anal to vaginal sex, be sure to change condoms, or clean up very well, since you can transmit bacteria, and cause serious infections such as a UTI. Do not overdo it with the lubricant, so that it does not drip everywhere, this can also cause infections.

#10: Squeeze a lot, and ejaculate quickly?

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, do not use numbing creams under any circumstances: “It’s like you’re going to remove a tooth, and the dentist injects you with Novocaine, and when you go to eat you don’t feel your face. It is understood that you should enjoy this, so you can use retarding condoms, or seek information on how to avoid premature ejaculation.

If you have any questions, please ask below!