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cqwffOur everyday experiences, our stories, make us who we are. “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Philip Pullman. storiesfromacottage.com loves stories and has created a website for you to tell your story and read other people’s stories. The idea for the website comes from the associations people make with cottages. Many people connect a cottage with home, family and the lives they build with the people they love. Out of those lives come stories that bind us together and create lasting memories.

The first thing that strikes you is the design of this homely site. It is simple and tunes your mind to the world of stories. The font used also adds to the effect. The cottage drawing and country image photo make the memories of your cottage to flood your mind. Different pages have different aims; for instance, if you want to register to post your story, just click on the link. The links to different pages are conveniently located at the top for ease of accessibility.

From the word go, you can tell that at storiesfromacottage.com, it is all about interacting with other people through true stories that bring fond memories to all. Every page has a graphic to this effect. For instance, the submission guide page has an appealing piece of art that reflects writing. You are all set to tell your story.

As with any responsible site, plagiarism is shunned. If your work is not original, it will not be published. Moreover, explicit adult content or even that which is promotional will also not be published. The criteria for you to submit your work is that you must be at least 13 years of age. Your profile will be created based on the personal information provided. Private information is not visible to other users. The intent is to tell positive stories that can inspire.

There are many categories to choose from. If you prefer to mail your story, you are allowed to. Being part of this great site has other benefits like being able to submit your stories for contests.

All in all, storiesfromacottage.com is a great website to visit. If you are fond of the memories that cottages can bring, then through the website's stories you can relive life's happiest moments and share them with others. A cottage, which now is home to Cottage Hair Salon, was the reason behind the site. Jenny, whose mom is editor, rented the cottage, which is behind a white-framed house that was once a farm. The cottage inspired her mom to create this website as a forum for sharing and reading true life stories. Why not use it?

People have always told stories to make sense of their world, to connect with other people, to share the joys and trials of life and to learn from each other. Now, it's your turn. Travel the road home with us. Share. Read. Connect.

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