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Why You Should Never Lift a Thing

hi-lifeAs humans we are given very few precious commodities when we enter the world. We've got our organs, a few bones and a brain. All of these are incredibly fragile to begin with, taking weeks or even years before the start operating at any kind of useful capacity. So we need to be very careful and of course usually we are but there is one piece of our human hardware that goes consistently neglected: the spine!

How many people do you see walking around, hunched over and in pain because the tried to ‘put their back into it' and came away screeching in agony with slipped disc or damaged rotator cuff or any other number of problems that can go wrong with such a complicated piece of equipment. In the construction injury the number one health and safety report is people who have hurt their back bending down to pick up a pen. And this is in an industry that has all kinds of lifting equipment available to them, from cranes and forklifts to trolleys and dolleys. But still a simple pen, if the lifter is unprepared, can cause catastrophic consequences.

So stop lifting things!

Did you know that we have all kinds of clever lifting equipment, designed by engineers and scientists in order to stop us from ever, ever bending down and exposing our lovely spines to tremendous risk. We have ropes, chains, pulleys, winches, cranes, shackles, clamps, slings and many more such items that are easily rigged up around home and the work place.

The options for eliminating risk are almost endless, all it require is a bit of creativity. You can have a pulley system with basket at the front door so all mail, packages or newspapers that you receive may be easily pulled up to avoid bending down to collect it off the doormat. The doormat too should be rigged to similar system when it requires s shaking or cleaning. In the kitchen you should attach ropes to lower draws and cupboards so they can be opened without leaning down.

Another way to avoid lifting is simply to never put anything on the ground. You should install hooks all around your bedroom, hang your dirty washing basket from one, hand your shoes like you hang hats and coats. In other areas of your house you should install shelves so everything can be kept at a comfortable waist level, easily assessable and risk free. At work, start a petition to get the same kind of ideas implemented. Your colleagues will appreciate the improved work circumstances and your boss will be impressed by the initiative shown and the reduced loss of productivity because of back injury related absences.

When outside, carry an extendable arm with a claw that clenches automatically if you see anything of interest on the ground that you wish to pick up. Or alternatively, a vacuum cleaner or hover can be a valuable piece of Lifting equipment, provided the intended object is not too small or heavy.

It is important to get this news out there; with enough activity from the consumers we can change the direct of the market to create a safer environment for everybody where dangerous lifting is eliminated from all aspects of society. We can bring down the price of lifting equipment and related accessories and ensure that new homes are outfitted with all the necessary precautions against risky lifting situations. There is no time to waste, visit Millsom.com.au now, they are experts in all kinds of equipment designed to aid in an array of lifting situations.

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