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Why Opt For Above Ground Over Inground Swimming Pools

The benefits that are offered by a swimming pool greatly outweigh any cost that you might have to pay for it. Nothing is worth more than good health (for your and your kids), reduced stress and some good night’s sleep. All these are things that you will gain when you have a private pool installed –provided you are using it.

Consumer’s choice is a very important aspect of a business and as a businessman you have to ensure you re meeting them if you want to stay afloat. If you are looking to invest in a swimming pool, you should at least weigh your options properly. Whether it is Inground swimming pools or their counterparts the above ground, they are both great options depending on what you are looking for in a pool. However, the above-ground swimming pool’s benefits might exceed those of the inground ones in some ways. Once you have confirmed with the local authorities that it is okay for you to have a swimming pool dug in your backyard, all that remains is to visit some contractors and get some cost estimations before you hire any of them. The following are some of the advantages that an Inground swimming pool has over the above ground one:


Cost Effective

Everybody likes saving some money wherever they can, provided that the cheaper product or service is still up to a good standard. The number one reason why most people are shying off from inground swimming pools is the cost of having one installed. The above-ground swimming pool does not cost much due to the minimal amount of work it requires to install as compared to the inground pool. The tools, time and manpower invested in an inground swimming pool makes it way expensive. You could easily get a decent above-ground swimming pool for anyway from anywhere from five thousand dollars whereas for the inground pool you need to at least have twenty to thirty thousand dollars for you to get a decent pool.

Easy to Install

When you are looking for a quick and safer way of having a swimming pool in your home–especially if you are renting, an above-ground swimming pool is the best option. You could even contribute to the work needed and cut your cost and installation time by some few hours. On the other hand, the inground swimming pools tend to take forever. First there the issues of digging, then you need to find some place for the dirt, the installation of the pool is simply a nightmare. However, with a good pool building company, you will just have to spend a little bit more for everything to sail smoothly.

As well as being easy to install, an above ground pool is also a lot easier to remove. However, if you have bought an inground swimming pool and no longer want it, there are companies that fill in your swimming pool. It is a big job but worth the investment if you want to turn the old swimming pool into a landscaped garden or entertaining area.

Easy Maintenance

Once you have installed either the above-ground or inground swimming pool, the next expenditure comes in with the maintenance of the pool. Inground swimming pools are prone to debris and dirt since their face is on the ground and anything could be swept in. On the other hand, the above-ground swimming pools tend to only attract debris that falls from up such as tree leaves. If you have no tree around, you will not spend as much time cleaning the above- ground pool (which also happens to have less water). The less water also contributes to the maintenance in the sense that you will have to spend less money on chlorine.

Whether you are in love with inground swimming pools or the above-ground ones, you should always go for the one that suits you. When moving houses, you can simply disassemble your above-ground swimming pool and move with it unlike the inground one which you will have to leave behind.

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