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Why Murano Glass Crucifixes Could be a Unique Gift?

If you are looking for a religious gift item that is unique and original, Murano Glass Crucifixes may just be the perfect idea.

Everyone could benefit from a symbol of faith, either to have a constant reminder of the true religious values or to just calm oneself in the moments of crisis. That’s why, crucifixes are a very popular gift item among the Christians, either for yourself or to present it to somebody else. After all, it symbolizes the greatest sacrifice of the Lord for its people, and have an irrevocable power of inducing faith and believe in Him.

There is an abundance of options when it comes to crucifixes, however, everything looks pretty much the same. Not the Murano glass crucifixes though, as they offer much more than just religiosity. They are a symbol of great Venetian art.

A Symbol of Beauty and Art

The Venetian Island of Murano is globally renowned for its intriguing crafts of glassmaking. The tradition has continued for about 1,500 years, with a focus on making glass in itself a piece of art. They are beautiful and awe-inspiring, with the glasses crafted to radiate different colors, recreate other materials, or showcase some complex designs. These glasses are valuable, not easily available everywhere, and can enhance the uniqueness of anything where it’s used.

Therefore, when crucifixes are made with Murano glass; it represents both your devotion to the Lord, as well as your sense of beauty and sophistication. A unique, yet hugely versatile item, such crucifix rises above the categorization of religious showpieces and can easily be considered in the same breath of any precious jewels. It’s a perfect gift that has the ability to enhance the atmosphere of space by its sheer presence and attractiveness.

There is no fear of falling in the trap of vanity for buying them either, as the crucifixes represent the Lord’s most creative prowess, His inherent ability to create astounding art and beauty. Ultimately, these Murano glass crucifixes are just a mere attempt to thank God for bestowing some of His designing abilities upon us.

A Variety of Options

Thanks to the innovation and its perfectly blends with the traditional methods, Murano glass crucifixes are produced to radiate a variety of different colors – from natural porcelain marbles and ices to traditional color options such as red, green, yellow, deep blue, sky blue, golden, white, etc.

As seen from the collections at St. Peters’ Gallery, these crosses can also be made to represent multiple colors, creating a detailed design that looks like no other. Some of the options even include the inner layering of crystallized Murano glass pieces, a masterpiece in line with the Murano tradition. Christ, on the other hand, is usually made using metals and precious materials like silver and gold.

Therefore, you would always find something that suits your personal idea of devotion as well as pleases your aesthetic sense. So, check out some Murano glass crucifixes today.

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