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Why Having a Mobile Mechanic on The Gold Coast is a Wise Choice

Lets face it, having a vehicle is an essential necessity these days. Whether you are a commuter, road tripper or proud soccer mum, owning a vehicle is a life line when it comes to getting where you need to go or taking you where you long to be. While owning a vehicle was once considered a luxurious freedom that allows you to pick up and go wherever and whenever you choose, has now become an essential in our day to day. This freedom however, can be accompanied with an anchoring dependence. Being without a vehicle can feel like a ball and chain on your routine, or worse a hole in your wallet by the time the local mechanic shop is through with you.


Driving The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has numerous scenic tours that are catered to out of state and overseas visitors. Which is great if you're a tourist. But for a local, that's just a tad cliche isn't it? This doesn't mean that us as locals cant get the same enjoyment out of taking in the beauty of our great state as the tourists. But visiting the main attractions that a Queen slander has seen over a 100 times can really seem somewhat pointless.

Now going it on your own terms in the comfort of your own vehicle along side the company of your own choosing is a real Aussie adventure! Fill up the tank pack the eski and off you go! …Oh yeah, and pray the car doesn't break down.

  • be prepared

When considering road tripping, especially throughout Queensland vast and beautiful Gold Coast. It is always smart to be prepared. Any seasoned Australian road tripper or commuter knows that keeping the usual precautionary necessities on hand can make or break your drive. Water, food and a fully charged cell phone etc are the first steps in assuring that your trek through Queensland Gold Coast area is a safe and obstacle free endeavor. A breakdown without these essentials can not only be a hassle it can be life endangering in the wrong situation.

  • breakdown advice

Now that you've covered all the general safety bases for yourself, have you considered what will come of your poor vehicle should an unexpected breakdown occur? The first call most think to make (right after they curse out that wretched betrayer of a vehicle and kick the pavement stones), is call in a tow truck to whisk away your unfaithful four wheeled friend to the nearest mechanic shop or back to your driveway. Despite where the tow takes your car it is still broken, you're still stranded (as most tow companies only tow your car, not you) and your day is essentially, ruined. The worst part, you have dished out X amount of dollars just to tow an undrinkable vehicle.


One way to avoid these headaches is to have a professional and reliable Gold Coast mobile mechanic. Mobile mechanics are not only great for piece of mind; they also take out the middleman expense of a tow truck. Tow trucks tow, that's it! You pay them to tow your car to a mechanic and then you get to pay the mechanic again to fix it.

Calling a mobile mechanic on the other hand will get your car repaired on site, making a breakdown nothing more than a minor delay rather than a day sullying nightmare. Mobile mechanics generally have far more competitive pricing than mechanic shops and a good mobile mechanic will have enough of a variety of parts and tools on hand to repair almost any hiccup your car is bound to eventually encounter.

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