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Why Do Our Pets Become Sick?

Our pets often become sick because a toxic bowel creates a toxic body. The use of commercial pet food with artificial colors or flavors, chemical preservatives, nitrates, and rancid animal fats interferes with digestion. These harmful chemicals add a double whammy to your pet’s body in conjunction with the poor quality ingredients already presented for digestion. The poorly digested matter becomes harder to eliminate, causing a backup of old fecal material in the bowel, which further prohibits assimilation of vital nutrients.

The Screen Door Effect

People who live in the desert appreciate the benefit of ventilation that screen doors provide. But they also struggle with the blowing dirt and on the few days of the season when it rains, the screen door can become caked with dirt. If you go out and brush it off right away there is not much of a problem, but if you wait a day or two the dirt can harden, especially if it rains again. Rain cements the top layer of dirt more firmly onto the previous layer and can create an adobe mud effect, where the dirt becomes so hard it cannot be brushed away and prohibits the flow of air. This is similar to what is happening inside a poorly maintained colon. Imagine that the colon is the screen door to the body and that nutrients are the air.

As old fecal material builds up inside the colon, the screen door effect comes into play. It becomes harder and harder for the body to clean out this material on its own. This interferes with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream from digested matter in the colon for distribution among the body’s hungry cells and energy depleted organ systems. What is leaked into the bloodstream is excessive waste stuck inside the colon. Thus begins the toxic reaction.

Symptoms of toxicity with your pet:

  1. Allergies
  2. Eye and Ear Infections
  3. Excessive Paw Licking/Chewing
  4. Rashes, Hot Spots, Itchy Skin, Pimples
  5. Excessive Loss Of Hair/Poor Coat
  6. Foul Breath/Stool, Flatulence
  7. Increased fatty Tumor or Cyst
  8. Diabetes
  9. High Levels Of Liver Enzymes
  10. Weakened Immune Responses
  11. Premature Aging
  12. Parasitic Infestation

A wholesome, toxic-free approach to your pet’s diet cannot only prevent a symptom but help reverse it more quickly than the further application of chemicals. As discussed earlier, our pets become sick due to a toxic build up in their body. This occurs mainly from a clogged digestive tract due to poor nutrition. It can also be influenced by exposure to household chemicals or fertilizers you may use in your yard.

When our pets do become sick we usually will take them to our local veterinarian for help. Unfortunately, veterinarians have only drugs to offer our beloved pets. The problem with these drugs is that they add toxicity to an already toxic and weak animal.

What most people don’t realize is that there is an alternative to pet medicine. In recent years, natural health alternatives have gained momentum. This is mainly due to three factors. First, pet medicine alternatives are safe and non-toxic. Second, the increased effectiveness of natural products. And lastly, the costs involved are usually much less than that of traditional pet medicine.

However, not all alternative pet medicine is created equal. Lisa S. Newman N.D, Ph.D. and owner of Azmira Holistic Animal Care states, “In over twenty years of research and consulting, I have come across one sure fact that has never been proven wrong: the higher the quality of therapeutic ingredients you can provide in a concentrated, easy-to-utilize state, the quicker, deeper and more long-term the results will be. Once I began working with specific brands of natural products and remedies, I realized I achieved greater responses and overall success. I clearly saw the step-by-step Lifestyle approach develop because of the consistent results I could observe that I attributed to these specific remedies and applications.”

Our pets are depending on us to make the right choices to keep them happy and healthy. Choosing natural pet food and remedies will not only improve your pet’s health but save you money in the long run with fewer veterinarian visits and costly medication.

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