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Why custom software development is better for your business?

With the growth of online businesses, the need for management solutions is increasing tremendously. Software development is a market niche that does not stop innovating, as it adapts – to the growing demands of different industries and work sectors, while focusing on its ability to optimize products and offer new customized solutions. Although it is true that today’s market shows a variety of high-quality computer programs that meet the needs of various businesses, companies do not stop having their own particular requirements. In these cases, opportunities arise to develop more customized software.

The customization of computer applications refers to that type of software development that is capable of adapting to specific business demands, such as the specific requirements of an entity or an administration, thus allowing their needs to be covered in a concrete and complete manner.

Despite the large number of software, programs and applications available on the market today, there are many cases in which companies still encounter problems when looking for software appropriate to their needs. Whether it is about specific requirements, or even all of them, nowadays programs don’t always satisfy the companies’ needs in the way that they demand it.

This can lead to the situation in which they will have to use different solutions to complete the same goal, (which ends up making management processes difficult) / resulting in management processes that are difficult, slow and expensive, going directly against the essential profitability.

Another possibility that occurs on many occasions is that the applications offertoo many functionalities. This means that, in the short run, the costs of implementation and the learning curve increase considerably. Worse than this are the long-term effects, as the feeling of productivity that this application provides is lost, because it is being used less and less until it becomes a residual solution. In some cases, its use is even abandoned in favor of other options that are usually more analogical and less automated, with the obvious negative consequences that this causes.

For all these reasons, in order to solve these problems and offer companies the ideal solutions for their businesses, the development of personalized computer applications is the best viable solution, both in terms of costs and profitability.

The benefits of having technology solutions adapted to facilitate the daily operations of organizations are evident. However, there are certain factors that must be taken into account.

Carrying out a correct analysis of requirements

Knowing exactly the purpose of the software application will be the key to success. Just like building a house, only by knowing precisely the size, distribution, characteristics, materials, location and orientation, can we develop a home according to the client’s requirements. Exactly the same thing happens with software, so analysts and developers must have a complete understanding and vision of all the global and specific requirements, as well as the results and final objectives that are pursued, in order to design and customize the software according to what the customers need.

Assessing costs and maintenance requirements

There are two types of costs in our industry: the initial development cost and the maintenance cost, which is repeated periodically. We need to have detailed meetings between customers, analysts, developers and salespeople about where and what additional costs would be involved, and what documented procedures are required to maintain the system internally throughout its lifecycle.

Keeping in mind usability, learning curve and training

Just as important as a correct analysis of the requirements, in order to later carry out a quality development that meets the needs, is keeping in mind the usability that our software is going to offer with respect to the people who are going to use it, thus being able to determine the learning curve that it will require for these people, thus allowing us to complement it with the necessary training in its use after its implementation. Developing and implementing custom software is only half the work – getting the users of said software to obtain the knowledge to use it efficiently is another big part of the project journey.

Calculating the return on investment

We must take into account both the tangible and intangible benefits of custom software development and ask ourselves if the budget that we are going to offer is enough to develop the said software with the required quality, in the agreed time. Both developers and clients should calculate and keep in mind the value of this investment both in the short and long term before embarking on the project, so that it is viable and profitable for both parties.

One of the main advantages of having a properly customized business software is that it will allow companies to reduce errors, which will help them to optimize their processes.

Another benefit of having a custom application is that it allows company management to set KPIs and criteria specifically tailored to their particular processes and teams. This will boost the productivity of the company and, together with the improvement of the optimization, it will also improve the final profitability.

Whether we are talking about an industry that offers services, or an industry based on products, companies today are more interested than ever in developing and strengthening their technological processes. Not only does this improve the user experience, but it also results in an increase in sales.

So, as we can see, the customization of software solutions in the form of applications, programs or tools provide us with the key to success, since it allows companies to optimize their processes, improve their productivity, increase their sales, and ultimately achieve a higher profitability.

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