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Why A Luxury Chess Set Makes The Perfect Present

Luxury WatchIf you know someone that is interested in the fantastic game of chess, or you know someone that simply loves luxury, high end presents, then have you considered buying them a luxury chess set for a very special present?

From a big, big birthday, through to a retirement present for one of your soon to be missed colleagues, if they are interested in chess then nothing beats this present. Imagine a chess set, a luxury chess set, that was not only worth a lot of money and an investment but also looked stunning, whether that’s a wooden chess set, marble or glass – when you buy luxury, you buy into something special, something very special indeed.

We spoke to Purling London, who gave us just a few reasons why a luxury chess set really does make the ideal present for those interested in the game.

Everlasting Memories

You will always remember receiving a chess set that is a luxury chess set, that you could start making memories from that moment onwards, especially as it gets used, games won, games lost and games just simply enjoyed. It will also give the receiver of the gift memories of the person or people that have invested so much thought and effort to deliver the perfect gift, which is why memories can be, and will be made when you buy a luxury gift for a very special person.

Once In A Lifetime Gift

Unless you have quite a bit of money, then a luxury chess set is going to be a very, very special gift, and even if you are blessed with a few pounds, it will still be so special to the receiver of this stunning present. Because it is so special, because it has so much thought gone into it and because very few other people will own one, you know that this gift really is going to be a special one, maybe one that will never be topped again!

Tailored For Enthusiasts

If you love chess, you will love a well-tailored, well made and unique chess set, the same as if you love cars you will have your favourite, high end model that one day you simply hope you can own, look after and drive around in. For a chess player that has evolved in the game, getting the chance to play on something that is purely amazing means the world, and when it comes to luxury, who doesn’t like high end gifts?

Can Be Used And Adored, Or Just Adored

The nice thing about this present is that it is useable, so if they want to play, they can, or if they just want to put it in the showcase family display cabinet and look at it every day, they can. Of course, if you play on a luxury board then you might be very selective about who you play with, but generally, it is up to you, play and love, or just love, you decide, but it could be very hard to resist the temptation to touch and enjoy!

It Means So Much

And so, our final point is that if you get someone interested in the game of chess a luxury chess set, then to them, it really will mean the world. As football tickets to a Man Utd fan would make their year, a unique chess set to an avid chess player will mean the same, as it is something that as we have discussed, is not only something they can enjoy and play with, but it is something that they can cherish for years to come.

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