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Where to Go for Your Thin Film Coating Needs

ph_film_02You might run a business where you require thin film fabrication, ion milling or sputter coating services. If this is the case, choosing the right company to perform these tasks for you is imperative. These are not jobs that just any company can perform correctly. You need to find a company with many years of experience and that knows exactly what they are doing. This will help to drastically reduce the chances that any mistakes will be made that will cause you to lose money. Here are some tips about where to go for your thin film coating needs.

1. Length of time in the industry

Ideally, you want to find a company that has been performing thin film services for many years. If a company does not have an established track record doing any of the tasks mentioned about, move on to a different company. Even if a company is not very forthcoming on their website, you can easily find out their history. However, companies usually put the year they started somewhere on their site. If the company just began operating in the thin film business a couple of years ago, do not hire them.

2. How are they rated?

No matter what type of company that you need to hire, it is always a good idea to take a look at their rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Many companies that are seemingly flawless have a terrible BBB rating. You can save yourself a lot of problems just by looking to see what a company’s rating is. If they are rated lowly, there is always a good reason. They probably have many customer complaints filed against them. Lawsuits and environmental violations will also help to contribute to a company receiving a low BBB score. One example of an excellent company is Thin Films, Inc. For more info on them, visit http://thinfilmsinc.com/.

3. A competitive price

You are not going to keep using a company for your thin film needs if they charge much more than the competition. This means that having great service and an outstanding quality of work is not enough. They must also charge a reasonable rate that makes it economically feasible for you to do business with them. Spend some time looking at many companies that offer similar services. Find out what the going rate is for specific services and locate the companies that charge the least.

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