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What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Bouncy Castle

A bouncy castle is one of the best options to consider for any of the celebratory event. A bouncy castle in your party brings the original ‘wow' factor helping you to start your arty with a rocking atmosphere.

Why will you consider a bouncy castle for your party?

  • Bouncy castles are one of the most common and popular fun items among the kids.
  • Most of the hidden extras on inflatables rental rates as well as prices have been withdrawn just to make these units more affordable and easy to purchase.
  • Bouncy castles are manufactured in various shapes and sizes which is always suitable for any party ideas.
  • If you consider any inflatables from any renowned company you can be sure of its durability as well as safety measures.
  • A huge number of companies are there to provide you the best product for your party.


‘Must Have' Safety Precautions

Before you consider a bouncy castle for your party, it is necessary to follow some safety rules to avoid any accident as it is vital for a children's party. Some guide lines to follow:

  • Before placing a bouncy castle, ensure that any dangerous objects such as fences, curbs etc. should be at least 2 metres away from the inflatables.
  • You should allow kids of similar size when they are using the inflatables as massive difference in weigh may be dangerous while riding on bouncy castle.
  • No one should carry any food or drinks while using the bouncy castle.
  • When the kiddie guests are enjoying on the bouncy castle, a responsible adult should be resent there to avoid any accident or to maintain the rules.
  • Before you set your castle for the party, make sure that you have been gone through the guide line thoroughly.
  • While using the castle one must remove the spectacles, shoes and coats.
  • Never move the castle if you put that once in your party.

The reputed Bouncy Castle Hire Rotterdam companies, as well as companies serving elsewhere in the UK take every care to make the bouncy castle operation as smooth as possible.

Choosing the right Place To Install Your Bouncy Castle

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind before you select you r bouncy castle is its location.

  • You can set the castle somewhere; there would be enough of space to put it u.
  • The location must accommodate the following spaces for:
  1. A safety mat should be placed out of the front
  2. The electrical extension cable must be needed there to ensure that there will not be any potential hazards.
  3. The power points should be there to plug the inflatables.
  4. A rain cover must be kept near the cable.

Supervision that you need to maintain to have an amazing party:

You need to be confirming of the maintenance and monitoring procedure by a responsible adult while the party is running.

  • You have to be sure of the number of people who are riding on bouncy castles.
  • Ensure that the people who are enjoying on the bouncy castles should follow the safety rules that have to be maintained while playing on the inflatables.
  • Always have a keen eye on the belongings of the people who are enjoying on the bouncy castles.
  • Be sure of that the adults and the children are not enjoying on bouncy castle at the same time.
  • Everyone needs to follow that no unruly behavior should be done at the time of playing on bouncy castles.
  • People with alcoholic beverages or being too much tired are also not allowed to the bouncy castle.

There are a huge number of companies to offer you the best bouncy castle for your party. Ensure the above mentioned criteria and chose the best bouncy castle for your arty.

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