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What You Didn’t Know about E-Cigs [Infographic]

Do you think you know everything that there is to know about electronic cigarettes? Think again, as the list of five items below are often things that many people who make assumptions about vaping don’t really know or understand.

If you’re new to e-cigs and to vaping, and if you want to expand your knowledge about e-cigs and the e-cig industry, continue reading to learn more.

e-cigarettes infographic

It is Vapour, Not Smoke

Many people are confused because they think that the clouds of vapour that are produced by electronic cigarettes are actually smoke. But this could not be further from the truth.

The vapour that is produced is the result of e-liquid inside the e-cig being heated until it evaporates into a vapour. This is in contrast to the smoke that is produced by a regular tobacco cigarette, which needs to be lit with a flame and requires the combustion process in order to produce the smoke that is inhaled.

With an e-cig, you do not need to use a lighter because there is no combustion that needs to take place. Therefore, there is no smoke that is produced. Rather, you are using a device that contains a battery, circuitry housing, a flavoured nicotine solution, and an atomiser that vaporisers the nicotine solution so that you can safely inhale it.

With E-Cigs, You Control the Amount of Nicotine That You Get

Unlike regular cigarettes, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, you get to choose just how much nicotine you are exposed to with each puff of your e-cig. This makes it really easy for those who are currently smoking but trying to quit to finally kick their nicotine and smoking habits. Start off with a higher dose of nicotine if you need it, but eventually get yourself down to the nicotine-free e-liquid so that you can enjoy vaping without being addicted to it.

You can choose from a variety of e-liquids made by a range of manufacturers, but below is a guide to the differing amounts of nicotine in these e-cig juices:

  • 24mg is equivalent to a Marlboro Red cigarette
  • 14mg is equivalent to a Marlboro Light cigarette
  • 8mg is equivalent to a Marlboro Ultra Light cigarette
  • 0mg will give you no nicotine but plenty of flavour

There are a Range of Delicious Flavours Too

The great thing about an electronic cigarette is that you can choose from a range of deliciously flavoured e-liquids. So if you want a traditional tobacco flavour that you used to get with your regular cigarette, you can certainly find an e-liquid to satisfy your craving. But you can also add some variety to your vaping experience by choosing from the many other flavours available and even mixing them together if you wish. This is actually one of the main reasons why so many people want to switch to vaping from smoking, and why some people who have never smoked choose to give vaping a try (after all, the e-liquid can be nicotine-free and it is completely harmless).

Flavour categories include cakes and desserts, berries and other fruits, and cocktails and drinks.

Vaping is Allowed Indoors

While smoking is largely prohibited in public indoor spaces, vaping is usually not a problem. This is because there is no second-hand smoke associated with electronic cigarettes. The same can’t be said for regular tobacco cigarettes, which create a toxic second-hand smoke that can lead to disease and death in the people around you as you smoke.

The single by-product of an e-cig is the vapour, so vaping indoors is a lot like boiling water or making a pot of tea. More businesses are becoming aware of this fact, so they are opening their doors to vapers and allowing more people to enjoy their e-cigs indoors no matter what the weather is like outside. So if you are tired of having to go stand outside in the heat or cold to get your nicotine fix from your regular cigarette, switching to vaping will eliminate this hassle.

Vaping is Growing Increasingly Popular Each Year

Although still relatively new, vaping is growing really popular around the world, with more and more people switching from smoking to vaping every day. On top of individuals recognising the many benefits of vaping, hospitality venues and public places are also learning more about electronic cigarettes, including the fact that they do not produce any harmful second-hand smoke. Up to 2010, vapers were still being asked to exit public places so they could vape outside, but today there are many more public establishments that allow vaping indoors, as mentioned above.

Overall, public awareness of electronic cigarettes has been growing since 2005, and it is expected to continue to grow into the future, with more profits coming into the e-cig market and fewer people smoking cigarettes.

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