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What to Look for when Buying a Beard Trimmer

beardBuying a beard trimmer may seem to be an easy task, but actually it is not. There are so many things that need to be considered. Moreover, with so many renowned companies manufacturing this product, you will have a tough time choosing the best from the others. Amongst all the things that need to be taken into consideration, you can keep in mind the following points that would help while buying:

  • Corded or cordless trimmers.
  • The features of the trimmer.
  • Whether you will need it for your whole body or for shaving your head or just for your beard.
  • The length of your beard.

Design and detail

There are many users who have an obsession for the design and detailing of their beard. You will find numerous trimmers that are specially manufactured to satisfy these types of customers. Speaking of the most popular in the trimmer world in this category you can definitely go for the Philips Beard Trimmer 9000. Apart from this, you can also pick up the trimmers that have a laser guide that would help achieve straight lines. One of the best reasons to pick such trimmer is because they can give you the desired design no matter how complex it may be. Normally, the lengths of the blades would be 0.4mm to 7mm and they would be 100% waterproof. Since they are dual sided trimmers, you will be able to shave the hard to reach areas quite easily.

Close shave

Users who want a close shave will have a lot to choose from. There are various top branded companies that offer some of the best beard trimmers at reasonable prices. You get a wide range of features in these trimmers and they give the closest shave possible. A top reason for choosing these trimmers is because of their ability to give a dry shave. Many people are in a hurry and do not have the time for a proper shave. A dry shave would be perfect for them. Choosing from the beard trimmers that have a dry shave option would be suitable for such users. These trimmers will allow you to shave the low lying hairs that are often quite difficult to reach. In fact, these trimmers are suitable for almost all type of users.

Subtle stubble

While considering the most popular in the trimmer world you must think about how you want your beard to look. You may want to have stubble instead of a close shave. For this, you should choose the trimmers that offer 24 precise settings with a motorized length control so that you can have full command over the areas you shave. Apart from the style, design and control, you should also pay heed to the corded and cordless trimmers. Cordless trimmers use electricity and hence you would not have to worry about the power dying while you are using the trimmer. On the other hand, the cordless trimmers run on chargeable batteries. Just make sure there is enough power before you start using it.

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