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What to have in mind when Travelling with your E-cigarettes?

As an addicted smoker, you may know how harmful smoking is and it is quite difficult to give up on smoking. However, since the introduction of E-cigarettes, they have gained popularity as a remedy for the heavy smokers to reduce their smoking habit. E-cigarettes has over the recent past got a bad impression from the media which has seen an introduction of a 58% tax on them in Italy. However, E-cigarettes stand to benefit the smokers rather than harm them especially for those who are really struggling to quit.For many travellers they have not known the basics of handling E-cigarettes while on their trips and have end up missing them or even getting into trouble when using them in the foreign areas. For you to be able to enjoy the E-cigs, even while travelling, here is a quick guide on the best ways that makes vaping to fit in your travel needs.

travel with e-cig

  • Pay attention to details: In different areas, there are rules and regulations that should always be taken some areas may restrict vaping. Always read signs and it is never right to assume that vaping is acceptable anywhere. In cases where you are not sure what to do, always ask especially in airports, towns and other public places.
  • Always pack extra: This seems to be a bit self-explanatory but it should not be overlooked. It is always important to carry some extra liquids, atomizers, chargers, and at least an extra battery especially if you have planned to travel for a couple of days. You never know what may happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry. At times stuff gets lost.
  • Keep your items together in one place: All items that are related to vaporizers and E-cigarettes should be always kept in one bag. This leaves them susceptible to the security who may discard them without any warning. But if you keep your items together and always with you, it would even be easy to explain everything. A special bag for travel is known as Carry-on bag and organizing your bag makes it easy for you to get your important stuff in and out. This makes it easy to go through checkpoints especially at the airport security.
  • Keep in mind the shelf life of your E-liquids: As we may know, every E-liquid has an expiry date and some liquids, when exposed to direct sunlight they may begin to break down. This affects their flavors and some substances such as nicotine may become less effective or its consistency may be highly affected. While travelling always make sure that your e-liquids and batteries are kept in cool places with no direct sunlight. If you plan to visit picnics, hiking or camping, make sure your e-liquids have not expired and they are good for the use.

These are the major points that any traveller should remember when setting out on a journey. Bearing the in mind, you are bound to make your travelling experience worthwhile.

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