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What to Ask Your Customer before Selling a Diamond Blade

rf2efWhen selling a diamond blade you have to ask the customer four questions:

1. What will you cut?
2. What kind of saw?
3. Wet or dry?
4. What diameter are you cutting?

1. What we are cutting determines the bond of the matrix that we use in the steel powder that holds the diamonds together. If we are cutting something hard such as concrete, the diamonds will fracture and break fast so we need soft bonds that expose those diamonds quicker.

If we are cutting something soft such as asphalt, the diamonds hold their shape well so we want a hard bond that will hold those diamonds for a long time.

So we need something hard to cut something soft and something soft to cut something hard, that’s why there are different blades for cutting different materials.

2. Each saw actually spins at a different RPM. The RPM is held within the core of the blade. Each blade is tensioned to spin at a different speed. That’s why we have blades that go on high-speed saws and blades that go on low-speed saws because they both spin at different speeds.

3. Wet or dry, that determines how we are going to cool the diamond blade. All diamond blades were wet many years ago because they were silver soldered on. But when they came with laser welding, we are able to actually dry cut.

Many customers think that if the blades can dry cut, they don’t need to cool them. But the fact is that we still need air to cool the blades which means to periodically pop the blade out of the cut to keep them cool.

4. Diamond blades come in many different sizes. What we want to make sure is putting the right blade on the right saw that’s spinning the right speed for that diameter.

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