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What Is CRM and How Can it Help Your Business? [Infographic]

crm-chartIf you are new to the sales world, the term CRM may be unfamiliar. What is this term all about, and why is it so important? Many businesses prioritize CRM because it can make a big impact on their success. To learn more about this popular tool, read below.

About CRM

CRM stands for "customer relationship management." It is basically a system that businesses use to manage their customers. These customers can include current, past, and potential customers. With an effective CRM system, salespeople and business owners have the ability to better manage the relationships and data that result from their efforts. Without it, many businesses are less efficient and their sales numbers suffer.

Old Fashioned CRM

Before computers existed, many people relied on rolodexes to keep customer information. This is why business cards were so necessary. These cards and an organized Rolodex allowed companies to network and reach out to others when new opportunities came about.

CRM Today

Thanks to technology advances, CRM is much easier today. However, there is also a lot more data available to manage. Information is everywhere - on social networks, emails, cellphones, and more. The goal of CRM is to keep this information in one location. This way, you can access everything you need to know about a particular customer using one tool. It makes the sales world a lot more efficient, and it helps many people capitalize on the leads available.

There are several different ways to manage customer data today. Some people prefer their phones, and others use excel spreadsheets. However, many feel that CRM software is becoming more important.


The software available today enables businesses to accomplish a lot more than a basic excel spreadsheet can. In addition to organizing the information they have on hand, software can help businesses identify leads, increase the lifespan of a client, automate certain processes, and more. With these capabilities, many companies can experience amazing sales success.


CRM is a great idea for nearly any business. It prevents business owners from feeling overwhelmed, and provides an organization strategy that makes sense. In addition, people who use CRM tend to be much more efficient in their business practices. Since they waste less time, they reap more rewards for the effort they put in.

Whether you are a small or large business, it is important to properly manage customers. Sure, social media networks seem appealing. However, they are not a clear-cut way to ensure that you reach your customers. Through customer management tactics, you can implement strategies that will help your business succeed.


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