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What Are The Different Types Of Revolver Holsters Available?

rfewAbove and beyond a cleaning kit, a revolver holster is an essential accessory you can buy for a weapon. In order to purchase a holster that suits your need, it would be beneficial to get familiar with all the different types of holsters available. Though each holster offers a distinct purpose, all of them come with unique advantages and limits.

There is a wide range of holsters for carrying a firearm, but they can be divided into different categories depending on their design and mounting position.

Mentioned here are some of the different types of holsters available:

Shoulder Holsters:

Shoulder holsters can be worn horizontally for most of the guns or vertically for bigger guns like full-frame caliber revolvers. This type of holster makes it easier for you to access a gun but, re-holstering might be a problem and not to forget, you need a jacket to keep the weapon hidden. Sling holster is a type of shoulder holster that is secured by a harness and strap across the chest, clasping around the sternum. These holsters are generally worn by combat personnel.

Waistband Holsters:

Also, called hip holsters, these types of holsters are worn on the waistband. There are two types of waistband holsters- the one worn inside the waistband is called IWB and that worn outside the waistband is denoted as OWB. They offer the required concealment and are the easiest to access. The majority of the hip holsters are worn adjacent to your dominant hand but, they can be worn for cross-pull too which might pose difficulties in concealment. You need to wear thicker and stiffer gun belts to mount a hip holster.

Leg or Ankle Holsters:

As the name suggests, leg revolver holster fastens a gun to your thigh. They can be accessed from almost any position, but have to be concealed with a full-length closed jacket. Ankle holsters, on the other hand, can be concealed completely under your trousers. However, you cannot access your firearm in a hurry, so forget using it if you are running. This type of holster is suitable for holding backups for your primary firearms.

Paddle/Pancake Holsters:

The two key mechanisms of constructing a holster are paddle and pancake methods. A paddle holster has a shell made of stiff plastic attached to a backing fabric. The construction of the shell and its mounting resembles a paddle, hence the name. A pancake holster has two parts of material attached together and the space in between is where the firearm goes. Pancake holsters can be custom made for holding specific weapons.

Other types of holsters commonly used include pocket holsters and back holsters. Pocket holsters can conceal your weapon easily but, can be used only for small guns such as a derringer. You might use a zip gun if you prefer wearing tight jeans. Back holsters are also easy to conceal, but it is impossible to access them while sitting. These are some of the important holster varieties that are worth trying. Find the right piece and try it on before making the purchase.

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