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Warm Up To The Spirit Of Bowling

Bowling seems to be a simple game, in which the only goal is to knock down as many pins as you can at a time, by rolling a heavy ball down a lane. This game wants you to be alert, smart and active that can easily be achieved by kicking off a few bowling sessions. Further, bowling is one of the best ways to hang out with friends and is full of fun and excitement at the same time.


Things To Know About Bowling Alley

Before practising for a thrilling bowling session, you must know the following key points about the game and its associated areas.

1. Bowling Center Layout

The most important aspects of a bowling alley includes a desk (a place where you can buy the game), game room, a bar, one meeting room and pro shops.

The desk is situated close to the center of the house, not far from the bar. For most of the bowlers, bowling and drinking go hand and hand. Along with this, the game room is generally centralized in the bowling lane and comprises of video games, pool tables and pinball machines. Further, there are meeting rooms for league meetings and parties with an occupancy of 25 to 100 people. Pro shops are also very popular in the bowling area where you can find anything from bags and balls to shoes.

2. Bowling Alley Area

The standard measurement of a bowling alley is 60 feet long and 40 inches wide. Other than this, there are about 39 small strips of wood known as boards, running across the width of the bowling alley. Bowlers use these strips for aiming, however it is not considered as the primary reference point.

A bowling alley also showcases seven arrows that are further arranged in a V-shape. Generally, bowlers aim their shots to a particular arrow rather than the pins, to hit the target accurately.


3. The Approach Area

Another area in the bowling alley is the approach area that consists of dots which help the bowlers to line up their feet. The lane has three separate sets of dots, among which one is twelve feet away from the foul line, followed by second one, which is fifteen feet away, and the third one is just on the foul line.

4. The Pin Area

Bowling alley has another important region which is the pin area. This is the spot where the pins stand. It consists of a padded cushion close to the back to catch the pins that are hit by the bowl. It further keeps the pins back in the pinsetter and gives the ball back to the bowlers.

Bowling is a great way to beat the scorching summer and have your favourite passtime, away from home. It is one of the best activities that one can enjoy both with friends and family. Even if you are bored with the game, bowling alley offers you the best entertainment with several other options such as pinball machines, video games and pool tables, ensuring a good way to spend time for people of all ages.

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