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Unrequited Love: What Is It And How to Get Rid of It?

“I don’t love you!” – This phrase breaks the heart to a million sharp fragments in a second. It seems to you that the world has stopped and has become sadly gray… Life has lost its meaning. But the main thing is not to despair. You are able to cope with this problem and Romancecompass can help you!

Love is the brightest and most beautiful feeling in our life, but you can feel truly happy and inspired only when you are reciprocated, and your hearts beat in unison. If this doesn’t happen, then this love turns into a hard test. It becomes very painful, but life doesn’t end there.

You can cope with unrequited love, even if it is very difficult to believe in it now. Certainly, time and a lot of effort can cure such “illness”. But there will definitely come a day when you will feel light in your heart and the opportunity to say to yourself: “I am free and ready to wait for my destiny!” To return to the old life, joyful and carefree, not overshadowed by the burning feeling of despair, you must strongly want it. Nobody will pull you out of the mire of sad thoughts if you don’t once and for all decide to end them. The main thing is to believe in yourself and you will survive all this.

What is unrequited love?

First, let’s consider what unrequited love is. Unrequited love is non-reciprocal love – when only one person in a couple loves. In this case, we will consider unrequited love from women, that is, tell men what to do if their love for a girl is unrequited.

Before we will tell how to deal with unrequited love, it is worth noting that it is difficult to cope with this problem, but it is quite possible. Very often guys experience this, they begin to blame themselves that something is wrong with them, but this is a big mistake. Each person has own tastes and preferences. It is important to understand that very often the unrequited love of guys is the reason for the idealization of a particular girl. They invent an image to themselves and fall in love, but in fact, it is a soap bubble!

How to get rid of unrequited love?

Our experts from Romancecompass will tell you what to do if you have an unrequited love for a girl and also how to forget this love.

  1. No offenses. To begin with, try to control your emotions and don’t try to provoke a feeling of mutual feelings in any way. The well-known proverb “You can’t force someone to love you” works by 100% in this situation. You can’t make a person love you! Threatening actions against yourself, causing her pity and appealing to her feelings of guilt, you still will not achieve the desired result. This will only alienate you from the object of love and even finally convince her that you are “slightly out of your mind” and she has to stay away from you.
  2. Look closer to her. No wonder they say that love is blind. The object of love can seem just an ideal: the most beautiful, interesting, smartest, the best. But she is perfect only in your imagination. You have endowed her with all the positive qualities. In real life, a girl can be completely different. You must try to look at her as if from outside, not in love, but with an impartial eye. She has flaws and something that you definitely will not like. Take a piece of paper and write on it all the advantages and disadvantages of a girl you like so much, but do it honestly and without exaggeration. This will help make sure that she is not such a princess as she seems.
  3.  Show emotions. Don’t try to hide your mental pain as deeply as possible in the hope that it will recede over time or you can suppress it. Don’t keep it in yourself, but on the contrary, try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Share your story with your best friend! You will see, it will become easier for you because even the heaviest cargo, divided into two, becomes not so heavy. And if a friend has experienced something like this, then he (or she) will understand you like no other.
  4.   Realize your dream. To quickly forget that bad experience and cure the broken heart, try to fill your life with interesting events in every possible way. Then you simply will not have free time for sadness. Pay more attention to study or work even if you don’t have the strength to do it or be engaged in activities that will be truly fascinating and important. Think about what you always wanted to do and boldly go ahead to realize your old dream. Now it’s time for this, not for being upset.

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