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Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Fathers-Day-gifts-ideasFather's Day is a special time of the year to celebrate your dad. Going out to dinner and gifting him with tools are nice ways to show your appreciation. However, if you're looking to think outside the box, the following unique gift ideas can make this an occasion to remember.

Share an Interest

Purchasing a gift for your dad can be a challenging feat, especially for those who have the most popular technical gadgets. If you share an interest such as grilling, you can schedule a cooking class at a trendy restaurant together. In addition to being able to master the art of cooking, this is a great activitythat allows you to spend time bonding with your loved one.

Put Together a Scrapbook

Simple projects such as a scrapbook can generate memories of the past for your dad. No matter if you have an artistic flair or not, creating a book of memories is easy with some photographs and narrations. You can also liven up the ensemble with unique materials such as sports memorabilia, flowers and stickers. Websites such as Moleskin and Shutterfly can also help make your scrapbook into a walk down memory lane.

Spend the Day Together

Carving out precious time can be difficult for busy dads, especially those facing a difficult break up. Divorce can complicate holidays such as Father's Day even further, especially if you're having problems with an ex-spouse. Fortunately, there are companies such as National Family Solutions that can offer a resolution to your familial issues. Making time to spend the day together can help bridge the gap. Simple activities such as taking a walk, biking, going to the zoo or taking in a baseball game can incorporate fun, while alleviating tensions.

Weekend Getaway

Ashton Kutcher's gift to his mom may have made it even more of a challenge for you to find the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day. While you may not have the funds to spend on a total home renovation project, a weekend getaway with your dad can be a great way to relax and unwind. Whether you choose to rent a cottage near the beach or stay at a Bed and Breakfast in a unique community, you're sure to wow your dad.


Father's Day is the ideal time to get outdoors and enjoy spring's offerings. If your dad has his own yard, you can gift him with a basket of gardening tools, seed packets, flowers, shrubs and gloves. You can also plant a tree together in his honor. Whether you plant the item in his own yard or a favorite park, you can take pleasure in watching it grow, bloom and flourish through the years.

Make Time for Pampering

Between working, caring for family and personal obligations, the life of a dad is a never-ending job. You can give your parents some much needed pampering with a day at the spa. From facials and massages to pedicures and hair styling, your dad is sure to feel rejuvenated. You can also put together some of his favorite products to enjoy at home such as lotions, massage oils, bronzers and after shave. Add some soothing tunes and candles, and your dad has the tools to relax in the comfort of his own home.

Take in a Concert

You may not have the same musical tastes as your dad. However, garnering tickets to see his favorite entertainment group can make for a memorable Father's Day gift. Whether he enjoys rocking out to the Rolling Stones or relaxing to smooth artists such as Sam Smith, your dad is sure to love this unique gift idea. You can dedicate the entire evening to your dad by starting out with dinner and ending with a nightcap at a trendy club.

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