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Understanding Barco ClickShare: A How-To Guide

Remote work culture is the new normal, with a heavy dependence on wireless conference technologies to enable continuous contact between teams and companies. Thus, having a world-class and dependable wireless conferencing solution that is simple to connect, run, and use becomes critical. This is where Barco ClickShare may be your reliable partner! Barco ClickShare is designed to provide high-engagement meetings with higher audio and video quality. It wirelessly links your laptop to the room’s AV system, camera, and speakers and enables screen sharing at the touch of a button.

Three Ways to Connect with Barco ClickShare

You have three possibilities for connecting:

USB Dongle

  • Turn on your room display or audiovisual equipment.
  • Select the ‘Click Share’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Connect the ClickShare USB dongle to your laptop. Make sure the dongle light flashes.
  • For a Windows laptop, go to ‘File Explorer’ > ‘ClickShare’ > ‘ClickShare_for_Windows’. For a Mac, go to ‘Finder’ > ‘ClickShare’ > ‘ClickShare_for_Mac’.
  • When the ClickShare USB dongle is ready, the light will become still.
  • To share your screen on the room display or AV system, use the button on the dongle. The light will turn red.
  • To discontinue screen sharing, click the same button again.


You may connect to ClickShare using AirPlay using an

  • Apple iPad/iPhone, or a
  • Macbook


You may connect to ClickShare using Miracast using a:

  • Windows PC, or
  • Android device

However, ClickShare is not accessible on all Windows PCs or older Android smartphones.

Barco ClickShare App

The Barco ClickShare app, which is available for Android and iOS, allows you to connect immediately to the ClickShare base unit and start video conferencing with one click. It saves you time by automatically connecting to meeting room equipment and saving it for future use. In addition, you may quickly distribute your material to other people. A desktop app is also available, which may be used with any ClickShare device. It also has the same functionality as the smartphone and tablet apps.

Barco ClickShare Features:

Barco Clickshare CX 30, a feature-rich wireless conferencing system, includes the best-in-class capabilities listed below:

Interactivity Features

The majority of ClickShare devices fully enable interactive features like as moderation, annotation, and blackboarding, enabling you to save work on your laptop and save it safely for later access, among other things.

Touchback Support

This function is available on some ClickShare devices (CX-30, CX-50, CSE-200, CSE-200+, and CSE-800) and allows you to operate the laptop from the interactive display screen by connecting your button to the base unit and sharing the screen with the room display.

Screen Mirroring

The screen mirroring function, which links to the ClickShare Base Unit via Bluetooth, provides an alternate option for content sharing by displaying your phone/tablet/laptop screen on the room display. This capability is available via Airplay, Google Cast, and Miracast.


The Barco ClickShare wireless conferencing system and devices are easy to set up and run, making them a one-stop shop for meeting your organization’s video conferencing demands anytime, anywhere!

If you have any questions, please ask below!