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Types of Removal Boxes

Whether you are shifting your home or your office, you are sure to need packing boxes for the same. Other than shifting, these boxes are also needed for storage of various items so that they remain safe and secured. Packing and moving boxes come in wide varieties, in different sizes and shapes and for varying usages. It is good if one has thorough knowledge on different kinds of packing boxes so that the appropriate one can be used at the right place. Along with varieties of boxes that are available in the market, there are also options of customizing the boxes as per need of the customer.

Different kinds of cardboard boxes

Wardrobe boxes - For shifting a wardrobe, these boxes are just perfect. There is a rod on the top of the box from where clothes can be hung just like a wardrobe. There is no need to fold and pack clothes, just hang them and use the box as a temporary wardrobe. The box can be in the form of stand-up or in lay-down form. The dresses remain as they are without any folds or creases.


Dish pack - Shifting glassware and crockery is made easy with these boxes. There is an additional layer in these boxes which makes it strong and durable. Various kinds of delicate items made of glass, porcelain, ceramic etc can be packed in these boxes. Lampshades, kitchenware, crystal items, bone china items can be transported easily with this packing.


Book boxes - It is quite evident from the name of the boxes that they are exclusively used for packing books. Also known as book presses or book cases, these boxes are extensively used for shifting libraries. People with large collections of books also use these boxes when they shift from one location to another. There are 3 tiers in these boxes, one set on the other.


Mirror carton - Packing mirrors, glass photo frames, glass table tops need special packaging materials. Special mirror cartons are available with cushioned or normal padding so that the items inside remain safe and protected. The boxes come in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the items accordingly.


Flat boxes - Flat boxes are mainly used for packing items, which are flat and with low height. Items like DVD, laptop, VCD etc can be conveniently packed in these boxes. General cardboard boxes can also be used for packing these items and must be tough and durable.


Different sizes of packing boxes

Removal boxes come in different sizes. While small boxes and cartons are used for packing small items, larger boxes are used for bigger items. Medium sized boxes are also available for packing items, which are neither too heavy not too light. There are items which are high in volume but light in weight and vice versa. Separate boxes are needed for packing these items. Whatever be the size of the boxes, it is important to ensure that they are durable and strong so that things inside them remain duly protected and safe.

Buying cardboard boxes from reliable sources

Whether you are a movers and packers company or a general customer looking for cardboard packing boxes, you must buy them from reputed and reliable sources. Online purchasing of such products on wholesale basis is also available. Just make sure that the quality of the boxes is good and the pricing is affordable.

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