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Types Of Hair Transplants Offered In A London Hair Transplant Clinic

eddLondon is a well developed city, with professional health specialists. Some of the rare, yet professional health practitioners are the hair restoration surgeons. These specialists are well experienced at utilizing the hair that is grown in other parts of the body, then they professionally plan them on the head. Here is a look at the common types of transplants you would expect to find in ahair transplant London clinic.

  • The FUE Transplant

This is the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant, which is basically a surgical process that utilizes the most advanced technology to take hair from a donor area. The donor area is an area around your body, which has excess hair or where you or the doctor believes is the best place to harvest the hair. The hair that has been harvested will then be planted into the thinning or bald areas of your scalp. After being placed, with the help of the machine, the hair will start growing in a natural way. It is a partial invasive method, whereby, the specialist will inject tiny holes on the scalp, where the hair will be placed. When the follicles grow fully, the hair will continue growing normally all over the bald area. There is no scar that will result from this procedure. Also, there will be no any need of any aftercare procedures, neither will there be a need for healing time.

  • The FUT

This is the Follicular Unit Transplant, also called the Follicular Unit Strip Surgery. This type of hair transplant is a simple one and super effective as well. Here, a hair strip will be removed from the donor area, which in most cases will be the back of your head, especially if you have longer hair. The strips will then be split into separate grafts, then they will be placed on the thinning area or the bald area. At this point, there will be a slight need for healing, mostly the area that the hair was grafted. It will need time for the area to heal, then the hair will continue to grow naturally. This is a faster method, compared to the FUE. This process will take about four to six hours, depending on the condition. If there is a bigger bald area, it would take longer.

  • The Scalp Micro Pigmentation, SMP

This is a new procedure, which helps to treat thinning hair, baldness and alopecia. This treatment is applied both in women and men. With the SMP, the doctor will inject some tones of colour of the medical grade pigmentation. This will be injected on the skin’s epidermis layer, which will be a duplicate of the hair follicle. The SMP will require the patient to have a cropped hair and it will result into immediate results, which can be noted after the first treatment. A cropped hair will give better results.

These are the common types of hair transplant services that are offered at a certified hair transplant London clinic. Ensure you understand the procedures and what they can lead to before you go through one. Technically, every procedure will give different results and for that reason, it needs the patient to ask the surgeon about the effects of each treatment.

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