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Types of EE Broadband Services

eeEE is based in the UK and is a mobile services provider that is the first supplier to offer consumers the 4G connection. The range of broadband services that this service provider has on offer is diverse. Prior to signing a contract with a service provider, you should do research and find out exactly who you may be dealing with. This involves checking all their offers, their history in the market and what their plans are for service provision in the future.

Who is EE?

This question may well be on many people's minds as EE is definitely not known as one of the top providers. People recognise names such as BT, Virgin, Sky, Three and O2. EE is one of the newest broadband providers in the country, but they are catching up quite fast. This is a joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile, and these are providers that people know. EE broadband is aiming at breaking into the mobile broadband, but is also targeting the home broadband market.

If you are an Orange broadband customer, you may well already fall under the EE broadband name, but your other services will remain the same. EE have brought reduced rates to consumers under the Orange and T-Mobile banners. This method of reduced costs that they are using may well lure consumers from other service providers as the cost of broadband is normally the deciding factor when choosing a service provider. EE started in the home broadband arena by offering an ADSL service, but they have since moved into the fibre optic broadband arena as well.

Types of EE Broadband

EE offers a few broadband deals in two main categories, mobile broadband and home broadband.

With this service provider mobile broadband is limited to the 4G connection. This is merely because they are the frontrunner and pioneer of this particular broadband connection in the UK.

The home broadband that EE offers is both fibre optic and ADSL connections. The home broadband facility is available as a bundled package where a telephone line is included.

EE Mobile Broadband

All the mobile broadband offered by this provider runs on a 4G network. This is a new network which has been pioneered by this provider in the UK. As it is a new service, you should find out if your area has coverage.

This is a much faster connection than 3G and you will require a new dongle for this service. EE only offers 4G dongles and the dongle you will receive may be a mobile broadband or a Mi-Fi dongle.

As regards the deals they offer, it is important that you are aware of the exact service that you will be getting before you commit to a deal. Some of the factors that you should consider are:

  • EE does not offer a pay as you go service. All their contracts are fixed term and vary from a one month rolling contract to a 24 month fixed term contract.
  • The costs involved vary. Since most of their deals are offered on a 24 month contract, the price difference will be determined by the data allowance limit you choose. The higher the allowance, the higher your cost.
  • The connection speed is important. All their mobile broadband has 4G connections and this offers a connection speed that reaches an average of up to 40Mbps. This will however depend on the stability of the connection.
  • The data allowance limit through EE varies from 1GB up to about 8GB on a monthly basis.
  • All the service providers offer special deals and incentives to attract you as a customer and this is the same with EE. Their deals generally include free BT Wi-Fi minutes and cinema tickets.

Home Broadband with EE

EE broadband for the home is available as both fibre optic and ADSL. If you are willing to use the Orange or T-Mobile service, you will be offered a special deal for home broadband. This makes it extremely difficult to compare prices as the prices that are listed for EE are the special rates for these customers. For this reason it is imperative that you check your contract to ensure that you know exactly what you are going to be charged. Most of the home broadband deals from this service provider are offered as a bundled package which includes the telephone service.

Fibre Optic Broadband

Before you start comparing prices for fibre optic broadband services, you should make sure that it is available in your area. If it is, you will the option of three packages for this type of internet connection. The services that are available include:

  • The cost of fibre optic varies based on the connection speed of the deal you choose
  • The connection speed is generally faster than ADSL and you will find that the most expensive deals are the ones with the fastest speeds
  • The data allowance cap is dependent upon the deal you choose and the cheapest one is the package that has a capped data allowance limit
  • All the package include free off peak calls to other landlines
  • Some of the fibre optic deals come with free month or reduced rate for a number of months specials and some of them offer free installation

ADSL Home Broadband Connection

In the ADSL home broadband arena, you will have a choice of three packages. The deals may include:

  • The costs for the ADSL package varies depending on the bundled offers that you choose
  • The connection speeds are constant for all three ADSL packages
  • Depending on the deal that you opt for, EE broadband packages have offers where you qualify for a number of free months when you sign a contract. This may vary between three and six months
  • You will be offered unlimited data allowance on any of the packages you choose
  • The landline telephone service may include free off-peak calls or free anytime calls to other landlines, or it may be an offer of free anytime calls to both mobile phones and landlines.

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