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Types Of Custom Awards

There is a comprehensive range of unique types of custom awards being provided by highly experienced manufacturers. They will create you nothing but quality and exclusive awards designed to meet all your needs.

For some time now, custom awards have proved to be a very effective communication and brand reinforcement tool. It is for this reason that they are available in different types that feature innovative designs.

Landing the best manufacturer entitles you to smart custom awards designs that will impress your award recipients and participants. Thanks to the fact that they will be created in a unique way without a single messaging and branding requirement being left out. Scroll down to discover the different types of these awards.

What are the different types available?

Custom awards are created with different materials, in different shapes and sizes. Every type created has what it takes to make a positive and lifetime impression which is the goal of every business professional.

Nevertheless, they all present differing “award status” in relation to price points, needed lead times, and not to mention design possibilities. Here are some of custom awards types:

Custom fabricated awards

Custom awards can be fabricated using diverse materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and wood. The plastic custom awards are not a very good option on big events though they still have an impact.

The fabricated awards tend to have less lead-time unlike the sculpture awards (this will be covered later in the article). This is because they do not need a mold, model or even the casting procedure.

The technique for creating fabricated awards differ depending on different factors, for instance, the number of awards you needed, the design plus the material. The metal fabricated awards can be created using water jets, lasers, milling machines plus machine tools such as lathes.

Custom fabricated metal awards

These ones offer a wide range of dimensions and can be modified for awards and this entails the color, shape, size and the finish as well. Available finish options are anodization, plating, powder coating as well as painting. Custom awards design that calls for simple geometric dimensions and similarity among several award sculptures are best with fabricated metal awards.

Custom Acrylic awards

These types of awards offer an efficient custom awards approach at the same time offering several dimensions that are tailored to your specific needs. Personalization options like multiple design approaches, the inclusion of several colors, and custom shapes not to mention the insertion of physical objects to the acrylic which are pertinent to the custom award. Normally, other materials like metals or wood can be used with Acrylic to make exclusive multi-material custom awards.

Custom sculpture awards

If you are looking for a classy sculpture award, this is the type you need to go for. Its sizes and shapes know no limit. Sculpture award will enable you to create your so need permanent impression to your participants and attendees as well. These awards feature multiple colors, plating and texture options

Sculpture awards have a hand-sculpted model. The model is normally sculpted from wax or clay. After the model is formed then a mold is derived from it after which the mold acts as the “recyclable” initial point for molding/creating an award for every individual. Strategies for creating sculpture awards differ based on the used materials.

Custom crystal awards

The good thing about this type of custom award is that it attracts very low costs yet it is quite effective. It also has short-lead times and takes geometric crystal block form with custom or standard shapes plus a customized design. The designs are 3D or 2D not to mention that it can be engraved on the custom award surface or on the internal side of the crystal block.

Custom cups

These ones are quite prominent since they are widely used as recognition awards by many business professionals. They are widely linked to victories during competitions. You can have your manufacturer create you custom cups that feature elegant designs that match your specifications and this includes décor details, shape and size.

Custom plaques

How about having exceptional custom plaques recognition awards that can be modified based on different dimensions such as sizes, color, shape, and the material. Also, they can be combined with extra award elements for instance display bases and medallions.

To sum it up, the above are just a few custom awards types. They are several of them so you can be sure of finding the right type for your organizational needs

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