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Try These 5 Eco-Friendly DIY Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

There are a lot of natural home cleaning solutions that can be made at home. Why use these kind of cleaners? The answer is simple. They are all natural, non-toxic in description, and they work just as good as any other home cleaning products on the market. The one big difference is, they are all safe, and this is something that is very important if one has children and pets. What are five of these eco-friendly DIY kitchen cleaning solutions? Read on to learn more. Anyone will be happy to have these kinds of cleaners in their home and for all the right reasons. Try these 5 eco-friendly DIY kitchen cleaning solutions. The ingredients are probably hidden in the pantry. They are:

1. Awesome grease cleaner for oven hoods and grills – Fill up a one gallon container with faucet water. Then add in, a half of a cup of sudsy ammonia into the water, and put a sponge or mop into this mixed solution. Take the sponge or mop and wipe it over the entire surface that needs to be cleaned. The area should then be rinsed completely with clear water on it.
Try These 5 Eco-Friendly DIY Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

2. Awesome deodorizer and all purpose cleaner for kitchen, counters, inside refrigerator, the list goes on – Combine four tablespoons of baking soda straight from the box and mix it with one quart of warm water. This solution should then be poured on to a sponge or rag and wiped on the surface of kitchen that needs cleaning.

3. Awesome stain remover for dishwashers – The only ingredients to be used for this stain remover for dishwashers is one fourth a cup of powdered lemon or orange drink. If there is existing rust inside the walls of the dishwasher, it can be removed with this lemon or orange drink, and all one needs to do is place the one fourth cup of powdered lemon or orange drink into the detergent cup that belongs to the dishwasher. Make sure to turn the dishwasher on for a regular cleaning cycle. Repeat the process if necessary.

Try These 5 Eco-Friendly DIY Kitchen Cleaning Solutions24. Natural stone countertops cleaner – The ingredients that make up this cleaning solutions are two things. They are two cups of warm water and one or two drops of a mild dishwashing liquid. A non-citric type of mild dishwashing liquid is highly recommended to use. Make sure to mix the warm water with the mild dishwashing liquid. Take the mixture and apply it to the marble to be cleaned with a sponge. Rinse completely with water afterward to get rid of any existing soap residue. Buff the entire area with a soft cloth. Don’t let the stone air dry on its own.

5. Gentle oven cleaning that really works – The ingredients that make up this gentle over cleaning solutions are no other than a combination of dried baking soda and warm water. Mix a few tablespoons of baking soda together with a few cups of warm water. The amount of the mixture is dependent on how much surface of the oven that needs to be cleaned. Therefore, use one’s own personal judgment here, and go on from there. Spray the bottom of the oven with clear water. It should only be enough to wet the surface thoroughly and then add the baking soda and water paste solution over it. Let the mixture stay inside the stove overnight and then in the morning scrape it up. A wire brush can be used to get at tough spots. Make sure all of the baking soda paste is totally removed. Add a vinegar and white rinse to leave a shine that is spot-free.

It’s all too easy to do the proper eco-friendly cleaning. Get informed, put some effort, and see how far it gets you.

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