Your Winter Wear Guide for 2016

Just when those chill in the air turns into biting sore, you get that winter has knocked the door. Winter is most people’s favourite season for many reasons. Wrapping yourself up in thick scarves, woolly hats and tightly knitted socks is an awesome experience. Add to that, the sip of morning coffee, winter foods, cool, easy weather make the mind stable, health healthy and mood frolic. For the fashion folks, getting ready for the winter with a thoughtful wardrobe occupies most of their attention days before the chilly breezes hit the floor. This article is a quick coverage of top winter fashion trends for 2016, and what to wear to look wow.

Layering Layering refers to pairing your clothes together to develop a bundled-up, cozy, occupied look that is effortless yet fashionable. In theory, layering is simple and a massively genuine way to dress when it is extremely cold. A turtleneck, under a slim sweater under, under a jacket will keep you warm. For the best fit and thoughtful use of the clothes, use unique types of thin, and most importantly warm, and cozily smart and simple layering rather than a few thick layering. It will help you insulate nicely and even helpful for you, when the temperature suddenly rises.

Winter Jackets for women

Dress for the activity level – When it is not extremely cold and you are in for an evening walk, wearing a thick jacket paired with muffler works fine, and goes well; but when you are skiing or ice fishing, you surely needs heavy layers of warmer clothes to keep you protected. Dressing based on activity level therefore requires planning, do some research on the Web about the type of activity you want to indulge in, and therefore the type of winter clothes you need.

Get a pair of branded insulated boots – This is certainly for colder places. Generally, it is good to go for the wool or synthetic lining rather than the cotton ones. You can even purchase linings separately.

Wear good winter socks – When we referred the word good, we necessarily mean high quality branded socks readily available for winter season across e commerce websites, that you can grab at a ted low price. Go for the wool or good synthetic fleece socks. You can also layer socks, but make sure that your feet are comfortable and that blood circulation is free.

Use a jacket – For best 2016 winter trends, when it comes to jacket, you can settle for synthetic ski jacket or a wool plea jacket. When choosing your jacket, be defined about your requirements. The budget, the make, the type of clothes, the fabrics etc., need to be considered when buying your jacket. The jacket-buying guide for winter needs a heed, wait for our next coverage on this one.

Winter Jackets for Men

Wear a base layer – A base layer refers to a union suit, a log inner wear or whatever offers you warm, light base to your existing winter gear. Often wool products work as great base layer. While choosing your base layer, ensure to buy the high end varieties for these are versatile and can be worn for literally any occasion paired with your regular wears.

Wear a woolly hat – When it comes to trends and fashion, hats often work wonders. Even in winters, you can have awesome variety of readymade and useful hats, often made from wools that not just offers you help to retain your body heat but also works as great gear to soothe up your style.

Wear gloves – Fingers and hands are vulnerable to cold, so it is essential you keep them covered using quality gloves. Magic gloves – the thin varieties work real great when it comes to fighting cold yet without compromising on your fashion.

Keep dry – Keep yourself dry rather than wet to not help chill getting on your body easily. Get water resistant outer layers to keep yourself dry and wear more than one layer of clothes on your legs to keep yourself warmer.

These are some of the essential tips which should help you keep warmer this winter. Having a thoughtful wardrobe will keep your body heat on, and comparing the latest winter fashion trends while buying the clothes will make you fashion-oriented. While saying this, we should also recommend you to compare, choose and opt for valuable range of warmer winter wear from GoFynd & get your winter jackets for men, winter jackets for women from at discounted price.


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