Why Wear Designer Sunglasses, Aren’t They All the Same?

Why do you think all the celebrities wear sunglasses?

It gives them an instant appearance transformation! You could also take a cue from them, adding some elegance, mystique and stylishness to your appearance. It is however more than merely a fashion statement.

Sunglasses with Bi-Focal and Progressive Lenses also give our eyes much needed protection from the sun, as well as other light that could prove to be quite harmful.

Protection is the main aim with sunglasses. The color of the lens in addition to the degree of shading, does not necessarily tell you how much protection is offered. You need to find a pair that says, ‘Offering 99% block'. So be sure to check before buying your sunglasses!

With so many brands and different designs found on the market these days, how will you know which one is best suited for you? Firstly shop where there is a variety on offer, therefore you can select from the many designs and styles. Find a pair that is authentic, which suits your facial features.

Do you prefer to buy the same brand as your favorite celebrity, or do you like to stand out? Whatever your methods may be, sunglasses still have to offer you the desired protection along with the look.

Sunglasses lenses are made fromacrylic, polycarbonate, glass, plastic or polyurethane, these have been treated with special substances to aid in their effectiveness and durability.

Herewith some of the most common coverings found by sunglasses!

  • A lens that has been ‘mirrored', has a very thin layer of metallic, this lessens the impact of visible light. However it does not work effectively on UV rays from the sun.
  • A lens that is ‘gradient', has been tinted dark at the top, fading to the bottom where there is no tinting.
  • A ‘polarized' lens can reduce the impact on your eyes, which is caused by reflection from surfaces such as pavements, water or snow.
  • A ‘photochromic' lens can transition from a dark to light shade. These are found to be sensitive to the sun and the shift in color will depend on the light conditions you are in.
  • A ‘tinted' lens will shade your eyes, these do not however change your color acuity.

Where styles are concerned, we also have a wide variety to select from. You could go from a modern sophisticated look, to a more retro look simply by putting on another pair of sunglasses.

Herewith some of the styles to be found in sunglasses!

  • A ‘wrap' style usually extends over and past the eyes to the temples, thus ‘wrapping' your face. These are most frequently used when playing sports.
  • A ‘shield' style offers a range of dissimilar tinting, while they could be rimmed or rimless. This style offers a more modern appeal.
  • The ‘aviator' style sunglasses looks like a tear-drop. This is a popular style as it can basically be worn with any facial features.
  • The ‘clip-on' style is best suitable for people with prescription glasses, in addition to their sunglasses. The lenses can clip-on when required and removed when no longer needed.
  • The ‘square' style is best suited for people with a more round type of face, as they provide some balance.
  • The ‘round' style will be best suitable for someone with a more pronounced jawline or square face. They offer the wearer a softening effect.

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