Why Choose Tape-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions gave a whole new dimension to beauty and fashion. Women all over the world are so hooked into this hair accessory and make every trendy hairstyle achievable.

With the instant length and volume that you can get from wearing hair extensions, you sure can get your creativity into work and experiment with thousands of hairstyles from a casual look to that extravagant coiffure.

Amongst all the hair extension techniques in the market, tape-in extensions are considered to be the best method that would definitely work for everyone! Whether you’ve got short and thin hair, to long, thick but frizzy looking hair, tape extensions will surely deliver impressive results and bring your hair back to life! But why is tape-in extensions considered to be the best air extensions method?

Let’s get into a deep dive about these 5 important factors about tape extensions.


Come on! Who would say no to reusable hair? Apart from being able to save some buck and avoid repetitive purchasing of the same product for the same purpose, being able to reuse tape hair extensions, especially if you had them customized with your most love cut and colour will surely help you save money. Tape extensions are good for up to 3 reapplications. All you need to do is get yourself some replacement tapes and replace the tape tabs and have those extensions reinstalled in your hair. This being said, it is important to buy only the best materials such as the gorgeous human hair extension ones as it promises longer lifespan compared to synthetic and synthetically-mixed hair extensions, making it reusable and cost-efficient.


Tape-in hair extensions are the best when it comes to cost. It is the least expensive semi-permanent method for both the hair set and installation. How come? Well, first of all, the product is very easy to install. It can be installed in less than 60 minutes so the shorter the time you’d have to spend on that salon chair, the lesser you’d have to pay for the services. The tape hair costs is also as good as a set of clip in hair extensions and the hair for tapes are cheaper compared to the cost spent on fusion, beads and other methods. Tape extensions are also easier to construct versus other hair extension techniques.


Tapes do have adhesive but how come they are least damaging? First of all, tape-in hair extensions are really lightweight and they do not put much pressure or pull your natural hair like other hair extensions such as clip ins. Tape-in hair extensions are least damaging and easy to remove. Tape extensions will not make you lose hair or experience any discomfort. This product aims comfortability of wearing it and being risk-free from damage.


True to its word, tape hair extensions are truly inconspicuous. They are thin and invisible. No one can even tell that you’ve got a set of human hair extensions on unless you drop your secret. This technique is also versatile as you cannot feel them when you brush over your hair and rinse them. They are also very easy to blow dry and brush compared to individual extensions like beads or fusion bonds that are stringy, has the tendency to tangle and are just not that flexible compared with tape extensions. Also, there are numerous hairstyles that you can do with tape hair extensions! So if you want to something unnoticeable and flexible, go for tape ins.


Now we all want something that wouldn’t demand a lot of money and time when it comes to maintenance right? Tape extensions offer you this point. Aside from having to only retape them after 6 to 8 weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows), tape extensions also don’t demand a lot of time from you every day, unlike clips since you won’t have to be up early just to install them for the day. It works as a semi-permanent hair extension so all you gotta do is wake up, take a snap and upload that #iwokeuplikethis shot on your Instagram. Tape extensions are really easy to clean too. You can wash your hair not more than 2x a week and use a sulfate-free shampoo to help maintain the natural shine and smoothness of your tape human hair extensions.

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