What's Chic and Trendy for the Fall's Street Style Fashion 2014?

If you live in the city, you know that the streets are a walking billboard for the fashionable street style clothing. And now that fall is officially here, a seasonal change of street wear is a necessity. It is that time to pack up those colorful light weight summer clothes to make room for the muted colors of layered warm clothing and jackets.

So, what's new for this year's fall street fashion and how can the present wardrobe be reinvented into a fashionably fresh trendy look?

To answer these questions, I left the task up to the online search engines. With a few typed key words then a click and a point of the mouse, the answers appeared. The street style clothing is populated on internationally known fashion websites. A further search uncovered a photo gallery of hundreds of street style clothed models, actors and TV stars.

The take a ways for this year's fall street style fashion

1) Go for the new eighties look

new eighties look

Yes, you read that right, the 1980's. The time of showcasing oversized shoulder pads, wide collars, fringe, bold colored leather apparel, longer hemlines, odd colored faux fur vests, quilted jackets and those tight ankle pants or what is today's unsexy track or flight pants. And the ripped jeans are holier than ever this fall.

For those of you who were at your most impressionable age during this era, Jr. High or High School, you're at quite an advantage to what's in for this year's fall trendy clothing. If not, Vogue's photo gallery will guide you to the best of street style clothing.

2) Vintage Blazers or Military Jackets

Vintage Blazer

The vintage look of a blazer embellished with a breast pocket emblem patch or a formal military jacket with matching decorative buttons has hit the streets and the nightclubs. This trendy wear can be layered on top of skirt, dress or pants. For some fashion statement ideas to meld this vintage jacket into your present wardrobe, peruse the Harper Bazzar's street style report slide show.

3) Footwear


Imagine the fashion district of Paris during this year's fashion week invaded by sneakers and designer flat shoes that even outnumbered stiletto spikes. That's right; this year's fall trendy street style foot wear has polarized the fashion industry. Sneakers, designer flat sole shoes and those flirty ankle boots are in.

4) T-shirts and Hoodies


Even though the 2014 fashion fanfare in NY, Paris and Milan exhibited a mixology of street style clothing, the common theme for this year's street wear continues with the t-shirt and hoodies. They are garnished with bold lettered statements or with the T-shirts newest phase of a contrasting color or chic designed breast pocket and sleeves. Whereas, the zip up hoodies make the street runway with a variety of colors that when layered over or under create a different look to the wardrobe every time.

5) Fall Street Style Attitude has Latitude

For those of you warmer climate fashionista's, the street wear surfer style, true to its West Coast surfer origin has tropical latitude polarity. This trendy laid back beach life dress code has transcended from the West Coast of California to international surfers paradise in Australia and Hawaii. Worldwide every sandy beach displays a constant wave of street style fashion that rolls inland to the landlocked civilization that also enjoys this trendy image. For the casual chic street style look grab the board shorts, ripped Jeans, T-shirts, baseball caps and sneakers.

Essentially, the fall fashion this year has no boundaries. It's all about pairing up the basic street wear along with something savvy that has an 80's vintage flair. For more fashion ideas to turning your wardrobe into a fresh fall street style look, check out the Huffingtonpost NY fall fashion week video. And do not forget that it doesn't matter if you reside on the West Coast, the Gold Coast or somewhere in between the universal street style autumn fashion, is never fall short of trendy and chic. It's quite pinteresting.

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