What Is Good about Single Earring Trend?

Are you looking for a trendy style to follow? Wearing a single earring is the current trend doing the rounds in the fashion world. It was an old trend of the 80s, which has come back to become modern-day fashion. Everyone wants to follow that trend, but it is very difficult to catch the fashion sense correctly – as all types of earrings are not suitable for this style. Following current trends is necessary if the need is to be more stylish and fashionable but carrying off the trend comfortably is just as important. Both men and women are experimenting with jewelry especially earrings, and a single earring is one that has caught the fancy of many.

What is the so special about wearing a single earring? When you use two earrings as a normal pair, nobody will notice you. But, with a single earring, you will get attention everywhere. It is obvious one of the main reasons behind this trend – create a style statement like none other. Creating a statement through an absence is the main aim. When planning to follow the single earring trend, the choice of metal is like those of a pair earring. Similarly, the design elements of the single earring can vary as per the wearer’s choice, from a long detailed one reaching the shoulder to a stud in a geometrical shape.

Point to remember – The style can be matched with both western and Indian dresses, the only catch being it should match the dress you are wearing.

Why Is It in Trend?

For centuries, trends have been the way forward for the new youth to express their individuality and break away from the rules and regulations of the older generation. The trend for the single earring stems from the same principle. However, it is not a trend that the older generation can look at in wonder, because it does look stylish, and adds a certain amount of flair to an individual’s personality.

Though there are many varieties to experiment, with the most popular design is the enlarged single olive-leaf ring in blue, gold or yellow. If it is long, and brushes against the shoulders, imagine the attention it will garner if worn with an off-shoulder dress. There are some designers who prefer geometrical shapes in gold and interlocking warped shapes. If long, fanciful ones don’t appeal to you that much, wear a single, large stud of pearl, diamond, or a gemstone in the ear. Whatever you choose, there are two things about fashion you should know – first, it can be the trendiest thing, but you should be comfortable wearing it, and second, create your own statement of style with the earring of your choice.

Some Suggestions for the Single Earring Trend:

With the fashion trend ruling the market, there are many designers and retailers offering designs to suit the needs of one and all. You can be as versatile as you want to be with this trend, and the variety available can match moods, occasions, and dresses you choose to wear. Take a cue from celebrities when trying this single earring trend for the first time. Notice it can be worn with wedding dresses, gowns, professional attires, and even with beachwear.

If you want to try this look, here are some suggestions you can follow-:

  • Many people will tell you not to follow this trend with small and regular earrings such as studs or tiny ones. If you want to wear a small, single earring, go ahead, and wear it. But, this trend started with large, unusual earrings, and you will find a better variety for the larger ones. Try wearing the earring in geometrical shapes, spindly metal wire gems and tassels to be trendy.
  • You need not worry about wasting one earring after getting a pair. There are single earrings for this style exclusively. If a pair is what you want to buy, there is no harm either, because then you can wear them together for an occasion you want to attend without the added attention.
  • This trend will work with all outfits. Don’t think that this will look good with casual style only. Try it with your office outfit or party wear. This style will not only change your appearance but can greatly change the perception, people have of you.
  • If you are choosing asymmetrical earrings, then make it look memorable. Earrings in various lengths are available and you can choose one according to the dress. A saree will look better with pearls, while a jumper suit will love the advantage of a wire-mesh one.
  • Get the elegance of single earring from a geometrical gold piece or a decorated stud with floral design.
  • Decorate your single ear fully using small studs and rings. This is apt for the cool and casual look.

If you have any questions, please ask below!