What Are Good Tactical Pants?

No military or emergency personnel can do without quality tactical pants. This important attribute of military uniforms must, first of all, be practical and durable so that people can perform their official duties in the best way. However, this special piece of clothing is chosen not only by the military and other representatives of law enforcement agencies but also by ordinary men. Today, we will tell you about the main characteristics of good pants for military and everyday purposes and share the info on where to buy them in the best way. We hope you find this information useful.

Key features of good tactical pants

Tactical work pants must be treated as practical and reliable clothing, nothing more. There are absolutely no requirements for beauty here. This type of pants should perform its main functions. They are strength, water resistance, high resistance to fabric tearing, puncture protection, and resistance to frequent washing. These are the main qualities of good tactical pants.

Currently, specialized clothing has become not only the main element of professional military equipment. Owing to its high quality and strength, as well as ease of movement, it has already turned into a favorite element of the wardrobe of fishermen, hunters, and travelers. Tactical pants have gained particular relevance. People who value their comfort and freedom, as well as the high quality of tailoring, give their preference to military pants only.

The purchase of tactical pants is fully reasonable due to the presence of double inserts that are installed in the most worn places. There are also a significant number of pockets, usually up to seven, making them incredibly handy as they can hold a variety of gear.

The cut is of particular importance while manufacturing this sort of pants. It is important to sew pants that do not hinder movements. Triple-seam models are considered the most common. They provide increased parameters of stability and strength. Military work pants are most often provided by a reliable belt, which is equipped with a special elastic band for tightening.


Properly selected fabric for tactical pants ensures their long wearing. The fabric from which the product is made is characterized by increased strength and resistance to washing and wearing in extra difficult conditions. Most often, it is a dense cotton material impregnated with a moisture-repellent composition. Currently, the trendiest modern models of military pants are manufactured of ripstop material. It is characterized by complex weaving with reinforced threads and other fibers. They provide pants with improved strength and wear resistance but do not make them heavier. On the Galls website, you can choose pants made from such reliable fabrics as polyester, spandex, nylon, aramid, and other fabric sorts.

Advantages of good tactical work pants

Overall, this sort of pants has some vivid and invaluable advantages over regular clothing. These are:

  • High resistance to moisture, damage, and wear out.
  • The load on the pockets is evenly distributed due to their thoughtful and convenient location.
  • Strong seams that can withstand high loads.
  • The long service life of pants despite frequent washing and drying.
  • Pants of this type are light in weight.
  • Large selection of colors and models for every taste of women and men.
  • Tactical pants can be conveniently chosen depending on the season.
  • They provide maximum comfort during high physical activity.
  • Reasonable prices.

What is the best tactical pants store?

Galls online store has been dealing with selling military pants and other sorts of uniforms for many years already. Here, you can enjoy all sorts of the necessary clothing that allow you to feel entirely relaxed while performing your daily duties. Galls offers its customers from the United States and abroad to purchase pants for military purposes from the most reputable brands only. These are such manufacturers, among others:

  1. Tact Squad
  2. Tru-Spec
  3. Flying Cross
  4. Red Kap
  5. Galls
  6. Columbia
  7. First Tactical
  8. Under Armour
  9. Propper
  10. Vertx

Additionally, to make your search easier, you can sort military pants by color, size, price, gender, fabric, features, and compliance. Hence, you will be offered only those pants that exactly correspond to your present needs.

Moreover, you needn’t worry about high prices. Galls store provides its customers with reasonable prices on all types of tactical pants. The shop also offers almost all items with pleasant discounts. The prices of tactical work pants range from $19,99 to $400 for a pair. The most popular price categories on the Galls site are those from $25 to $50 and $50 to $100 for a pair of pants.

To sum up

Consequently, Galls welcomes US and international customers to purchase various sorts of military tactical pants for women and men. Moreover, you can surf this store for various sorts of other military equipment, including boots, gear, bulletproof vests, and hundreds of other accessories. Please, mind the fact that you can ask your questions about any items in the Galls catalog using a toll-free phone or email. So, please, call 1-866-673-7643. The company`s responsive support reps are happy to help you in choosing a proper pair of pants, as well as advising you on the correct choice of pants size from Monday to Friday.

If you have any questions, please ask below!