Top Trends for The Fabulous Fall 2015 Wedding Season

Groomsman Fixing Grooms Tie
Groomsman Fixing Groom’s Tie

If you follow The Knot, then you may already know that fall is becoming the season of choice for couples that plan to walk down the aisle. Currently, October is the second most popular time to get married with 14% of couples choosing to say "I do" during the month. Now that gay couples can get married anywhere in the U.S. and have had a few months to plan, you can expect that fall weddings will be in full swing this year.

It's one of the most poignantly personal affairs of a person's life, but a wedding is also about style. And what's in style changes with every season. How on-trend are your nuptials going to be? Keep reading to see if your soirée is on point with the top wedding trends for fall 2015…

Who, What, Wear of Fall Wedding Attire

Let's be honest. What the bride and groom wear is just about the most important part of the wedding. For the couple that will have the event forever captured in hundreds of pictures (many of which that will end up online for the world to see), the wedding attire is the biggest decision.

For the ladies it's all about what's going on up top. In years past, strapless was the most popular choice, but this fall you can expect to see a lot of illusion details and spaghetti straps. The most daring gals (particularly the young ones) are taking the crop top and cutaway trend bridal. And ombre coloring - it's still as trendy as ever, particularly for bridesmaid dresses.

Men are branching out in a big way on their weddings. Long gone are the days when grooms settled for a traditional black tuxedo. Don't be mistaken, beautiful tuxes are still being worn, but now they are navy, slate grey, dark olive or even tan. And forget about a basic white button up shirt. More guys are choosing to add texture and interest with shirts that add a pop of color or a print. Grooms that don't want to go that bold can still mix it up with a patterned bow tie or pocket square.

Men's Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a symbol of a couple’s everlasting, eternal love, but they also represent personal taste. Over the years this relatively simple adornment has evolved to include inscriptions, interlocking elements and jewels of their own. If you’ve been searching for men wedding bands from top designers, you may have noticed they are looking much flashier this fall. Men now have a much broader selection of bands to choose from beyond solid platinum, white gold and yellow gold. Today, grooms can wear as much bling as the bride with men’s wedding bands that are encrusted in diamonds of any color. Pretty soon you may see guys comparing their carat weight too!

Black is the New White

Remaining on the subject of jewelry, you're likely to see more brides and grooms bucking the traditional white diamonds and gold for black. While black diamonds have slowly been gaining in popularity, black gold is one of the latest trends in high-end jewelry. It's a perfect base that makes sparkling diamonds really pop no matter what color they are.

Wedding Colors

Monochromatic and muted is the trend for wedding colors during the fall 2015 season. Simple yet sophisticated, an understated color scheme has an undeniable elegance that is timeless. Couples are also mixing hints of metallic for that bit of flash that pairs beautifully with blush and champagne colors. Copper and rose gold are unexpected, but will be totally perfect for fall.

Glitter is Getting Center Stage

If you love to shine and sparkle on a daily basis, you'll be happy to know that glitter has gone big for 2015 weddings. With the muted color scheme it makes sense that couple are using glitter to add wow-factor to everything. You'll see it on dresses, accessories, flower arrangements, tables - everywhere.

Reception Only Weddings

Let's just go ahead and call it. Non-traditional is the overarching theme for weddings in 2015. From who's getting married to how they are getting married. The biggest change that has been steadily growing throughout the year is ceremony-less weddings. That's right - couples are getting the legal formalities done at the court house and then throwing a celebration with family and friends afterward. To be honest, the party is what many guests are most interested in anyway, and the reception only wedding will help couples save a few bucks for a bigger reception or fabulous honeymoon.

What are your thoughts on these 2015 fall wedding trends? Will they become classic traditions or fade out before fall even ends? Let us know in the comments section.

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