Top Practices That Can Help You Get The Best Nail Polish For Parties

Let’s accept the fact that you might take a long time to get comfortable with your nail painting skills as you are not a born practitioner. Apart from that, going to the salon to get your manicure procedures and nail paint treatments is not very wise and might cost more than a $100 bill on every visit. So no matter what your proficiency level is for your nails, here are a few hacks that might help you get done with your treatments at home:

Three Strokes Are Going To Get The Job Done

Before you begin with your coating procedure make sure that all it takes is just three strokes to get your nails covered. The polish has to do the major part of the task and spread out as it is placed on the nail. The brush is just there to guide the spot of the polish and place it well on the nail

Make Sure You Are Using The Base Coat

It might take some more time but the base coat is essential to give the colored polish something that it could adhere to. This makes the manicure last for a couple of more days and prevents your nails from stains that arise because of pigmented paint.

Don’t Forget To Top Coat

The topcoat might not make sense at all but you will be surprised to know that many people don’t pay attention to it. A good way to look at it is that it doesn’t think that it is the easiest way to prevent chipping. Use paint all the way to the tip of your nails and lock it in your nail polish.

Avoid Using Quick-dry Polish

If you are waiting around for the nails to dry out which is not an easy thing to go with. Despite using quick-dry nail polish it seems like a lot of work to do. They might work for you but all of these polish and procedures are full of dangerous ingredients that make your nails weak.

Be Careful When You Are Filing Your Nails

When you are filing your nails, make sure that you are doing it in one direction else it will tear the tip of your nail apart and it will jag. It can also lead to peeling, breaking and splitting of your nails too

Avoid Shaking The Bottle

Avoid this when you are using your nail polish. Other than that hold the nail polish in a vertical position and role it back and forth between your hands. This makes sure that there are no air bubbles in the lacquer or on the nails when you apply paint on them

Always Use A Non-Acetone Remover

If you will use a Non-acetone remover, it might not be able to serve the purpose and will be problematic for you when you will peel or dry your nails. Acetone Formula will always help you and will keep your nails strong.

Try Not To Use Hot Water

Never use your nails and wash your dishes or get into the shower. Hot water is very dangerous for your nails and can cause the nail beds to expand which is ultimately going to expand and crack. Ask an expert for advice if using the same for gel nail polish is harmful as well.

Use Some Glitter

If you think that your manicure might chip off right after the procedure, you can try using some glitter or some shimmering nail polish. This will not only last longer than other mainstream formulas but will also disguise the chips and nicks in an easier way.

Clean The Edges

There is a colored line outside the nails, but doing this with nail polish you must need to be very precise when you’re cleaning it up. Experts suggest that dipping an old lip brush in the bottle full of nail polish remover and swiping it around the nail bed to clean the edges is a good practice.

Soak Before Removing

The only drawback while you are using longer-lasting nail polis is that it is difficult to take it off. Experts suggest that if you soak a cotton ball in the nail polish remover, form the cotton ball over your nails and let it sit on the fingertips for some time. Then by being gentle apply some pressure and wipe the polish with it.

These practices are very easy to learn and follow even for people who do not think that they are pros. Follow these practices and you can find a lot of others. You can also switch on Instagram to look for different styles and more hacks to make your nails appear more attractive, strong and cleaner.

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