Top Indian Fashion Trends in 2015

fsafsaFashion is longer a statement of style but a statement of personality and attitude. Trends change with the changing times and social dynamics. Thus fashion trends are keen watched and anticipated. A low down of what lies near the horizon of 2015.

A new year knocking on the door it’s time to do some crystal balling gazing for the expected fashion trends in India for 2015. If change is the only constant for everything in this world, it is all the more true for fashion world. Trends are every changing as far as fashion is concerned. What’s in vogue today falls out of favor tomorrow. It’s a challenge for fashion aficionados to keep abreast with the latest trends so as to look their best always.

Implication of Being Fashionable

There is certainly no dearth of fashionable people around, but how many are aware of why they like wearing trendy clothes and are pleasantly delighted when someone refers to them as fashionable.

Well it’s all in the head, dear! Fashion Weeks’ provide the perfect backdrop for showcasing of the latest, trendiest and gorgeous lines from which emerges trends. These trends are perceived novelty which excites the brain because it’s new and fresh. Our minds love anything that is new. And so trends catch up fast. The novelty factor creates a sense of reward and recognition within the mind. This provides for the enthusiastic high feeling when dressed in our best outfits. It makes us feel special and watched which creates a positive reinforcement.

Indian Fashion Trends of 2015

Having deciphered how our brain gets mesmerized by trends, it’s time to look at expected fashion trends in India for 2015.

For trousers, the skinny fit is likely to recede next year. More relaxing cuts will be the in thing. But the cut should be rightly done to be within the limits of fashion. Loose cut around the knee and the back of the leg will bring in the element of comfort and relaxed fit compared to skinnies.

For footwear, the year of the canvas could well be getting over. In vogue will be the low profile black oxford laced up shoes. This design has been around for long and is expected to see resurgence in 2015.

As for jewelery, the age of love lock pendants is predicted to be near over. In 2015, hefty pendants are likely to be in fashion go along with a thick golden chain. No wonder then that junk jewelery are in high demand across Indian dressing rooms.

A few decades ago, women who wore a single piece of bangle on their wrist were looked down upon by others as less fashionable or even less traditional. Women of the bygone era preferred adorning their wrists with big bangles gold-made accessories, and such pieces often had elaborate designs and heavy work in stones.

Modern Indian women prefer elegance over abundance, and single pieces of fashion bangles that are gracefully studded with stones have taken over their jewelry collections. Fashion bangle designs are simple, elegant, and extremely classy and can be worn to offices, parties, festivals, and special occasions. Unlike the traditional and heavily-designed gold bangles, new fancy bangles with price for every pocket go well with traditional and modern outfits alike, a quality that adds to the popularity of bangles.

The increasing popularity of skirts as compared to pants, are indications for the next change in the chain. Over skirts are likely to be back with a bang. Aprons, Peplums which are shorter and wraps are expected to see their popularity revived in the coming year.

In 2015, the overwhelming choice of black will see reversals with brown becoming the favorite color of women shoppers. Hence black overcoats, bags, boots will probably see themselves replaced by brown.

For men, denim will continue to be the fabric of choice and will be presented in newer forms and ranges. With machismo being an inherent trait, men’s fashion will be choosing between chic and bohemian or dapper over the strut.

Over all, 2015 promises to be another year full of color, style and fashion.

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