The Changing Seasons Shouldn't Hide Your Message

Winter-ClothesMany clubs, groups or businesses use branded polo and t-shirts, jumpers and sweatshirts, as either identifiers or marketing tools. This is fine for indoor situations, or when the weather is more clement than it's going to be for the next few months. You can probably already feel the shiver running down your spine whenever a weather forecaster mentions the word "windchill".

There is of course a terrific way to keep both warm and dry throughout this time whilst continuing to promote your business or organisation, or whilst identifying your club or sports team. Brandawear's stunning collection of soft shells, windbreakers, and heavy or waterproof jackets, can be classically embroidered for recognition whilst supporting both your regular outdoor workers or those just out and about for work or sports activities-plus special winter events such as ski or hiking trips.

Keeping the winter elements at bay

For sudden squalls or anticipated blizzards, you could choose from Brandawear's superb range of in-a-bag options. Typical of these is the Result Windcheater, in showerproof nylon with an internal silver acrylic coating. For more constant use, you might choose a Regatta Stormbreak Jacket using a Hydrafort windproof and waterproof fabric.

At the top end of the market you'll find choices such as the Premier Polartec Windbloc Jacket. It consists of an outer woven polyester layer and polyurethane membrane to allow moisture to escape. It's also completely wind and waterproof and thermally warm.

These are just three terrific examples of more than 150 outerwear or jacket choices on offer at the website.

Presenting a stylish message no matter the weather

Printed, personalised, and especially, embroidered jackets, using your own choices such as the earlier examples, helps keep your name in view throughout the year. It also shows your support for your colleagues, group or team, especially in these darker, colder seasons. You can quickly choose and order your items from Brandawear's friendly website.

Embroidery is accepted as the most permanent way to produce designs of exceptional quality and durability. The intricate process introduces chain stitching directly into your choice of jacket, windbreak or soft shell garments. Embroidered designs are also more cost-effective for durable, long-lasting clothing because the embroidery outlasts most other printed options.

When you provide Brandawear with your original artwork, they always carry out a detailed design assessment to ensure it will embroider to the exceptional standard you will expect. You can use up to fifteen colours in your original to produce a truly stunning on-garment effect for key slogans, and brand, team, or company logos or messages.

Final thought

Over a century ago, author Mark Twain said: "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." It's still true there is little action anyone can take to encourage the elements to behave as we might want them to. However, wearing a stylish and personally embroidered jacket or windbreak, you do now have the chance to make a powerful statement when you or your people are out there braving them!

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