The Best Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is one of the most cherished possessions a woman can own. So, when you purchase one, it must be done with great care and consideration. One of the most important aspects to think about when choosing an engagement ring is the cut of the stone. The cut of a diamond is one of the four C’s of diamond quality. Although many people mistakenly believe that cut refers to the shape of a diamond, that is not entirely the case. More precisely, cut refers to the symmetry, proportioning and polish of the stone. A diamond’s cut has a great influence on its brilliance and luminescence. There are many different diamond cuts, all with specific assets.

Round Cut

The round cut is the most popular cut for an engagement ring, and it is often what many people consider to be the traditional cut. Round cuts sparkle more than the other cuts thanks to its many facets. Round-cut diamonds are a great choice because they are versatile and can adapt to the shape and size of any hand. It always appears to be the perfect proportion and is never overpowering.

Princess Cut

Princess-cut diamonds are always square in shape. They have many facets, which lend to the sparkly nature of this cut. This cut is more modern than the round cut, so it is ideal for those who want a more contemporary look. The princess cut looks beautiful in all carat sizes and is flattering on hands of any shape or size.

Emerald Cut

This cut was originally used exclusively for emeralds, but eventually made its way to diamonds. Thanks to its rectangular shape, it produces long, sustained flashes of light rather than the overall sparkle that is common in other cuts. The perfectly straight lines on an emerald cut create a “box of mirrors” effect as you look at the stone. This cut makes finger appear slimmer and longer than they actually are, so it is perfect for those who have side and short hands.

Marquis Cut

The marquis cut is unique, as it is tapered and gives the effect of two half-circles that are joined together. This cut has a sophisticated appearance that is designed to be slim and elongate the finger. Another benefit of this cut is that its large and long surface area makes the diamond appear bigger than it actually is. So, its carat weight is maximized and looks simply luxurious.

Oval Cut

An oval cut gives a brilliant appearance to the ring. This cut looks great on hands of all shapes and sizes. It is similar to the round cut, but it much less traditional in style. It has several facets, which lend its brilliance. It’s elongated shape also makes it appear larger than it actually is. This diamond cut is perfect for those who are looking for lots of sparkle with a classic look that is just slightly out of the ordinary.

Pear-Shaped Cut

This cut is a combination of the marquis and oval cuts and resembles a teardrop. The pear cut is designed to give the maximum amount of brilliance and fire to the stone. The cut is highly sought-after because of its luxurious and glamorous appearance This cut will work well on hands of any shape or size, but it particularly beneficial for those with short hands, as it gives fingers an elongated appearance.

Cushion Cut

This diamond cut features a square-like shape with soft, rounded corners. This cut offers a vintage feel but also provides modern brilliance. It gives off amazing diamond fire and rainbow-like light reflection. This cut is an ideal choice for those looking for a combination of beauty and vintage style. This cut is especially flattering on those with wide fingers.

Asscher Cut

This cut is similar to the emerald cut. But, it is square and features lare step facets, a higher crown and a smaller table. These qualities produce greater brilliance. This cut of diamond exudes elegance and class. It is the perfect choice for someone who wants a ring that makes a statement.

Radiant Cut

A radiant-cut diamond is rectangular, but also has a brilliant-cut facet pattern that is applied to both the crown and the pavilion. The result is a diamond that is both vibrant and lively. A diamond with a radiant cut is ideal for someone looking for a ring with unique sparkle. It is also a great choice for those who lead an active lifestyle, as it has no sharp corners that may be vulnerable to damage.

Heart-Shaped Cut

As its name suggests, a heart-shaped cut produces a diamond that looks like a heart. This cut is unique, exotic and timeless. This cut often lacks the symmetry and polish that other cuts have. But, it makes up for those flaws in its outward expression of love. It is the perfect choice for hopeless romantics.

Finding the perfect cut for an engagement ring is a different process for everyone. Consider your love’s hand and finger size and well as personality. As long as you are buying a ring with love in your heart, you cannot go wrong, regardless of the diamond cut you choose.

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