The Basics of Looking like a Boho Goddess

DEWDWEAccording to most fashion experts, one of the most feminine and spectacular styles that’s back in the forefront today is the boho or the bohemian style. Originally, the word came straight from the land of Bohemia which was located in the territory of Czech Republic. The carriers of this ideology strive hard to break all the norms and rules of the society and create their unique own unique look to set themselves apart from the crowd. If you’re someone who has been longing to look like a Bohemian goddess then check out our bohemian style tips below

Boho style – The main elements which constitute the fashion trend

Boho fashion originated during the 1960s and hence it has been a style of the artists, of the beautiful and free people who wish to carry a free attitude of their own. If you had to use some adjectives to define the boho mood, it would probably be openness and joyfulness to the world. If you’re wondering about the main elements which comprise this Boho style, here are some that you may consider.

  • Boho style always uses some natural fabrics like velvet, linen, chiffon, fur, silk, suede, fur, denim, leather, cotton and the like.
  • Boho dresses usually have multi-layered textures.
  • There’s comfort in everything, especially the shoes which come in versatile forms like platforms, high heels and wedges.
  • Fringe is a must for the look and look fantastic on everything from vests to suede boho handbags to boots.
  • There’s a usage of huge amount of chunky accessories like sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, jewels, belts, pearls, headbands etc.
  • Tones and colors are natural and it clearly implies the absence of neon shades.
  • Designs are usually high-waisted, have fringes and flare, laced maxi skirts, womens harem pants, big accessories, and different textured pieces which are often knitted.
  • You will notice many floral patterns, ethnic inspired prints, checks, and eclectic hints as well.
  • Make sure you don’t include more than 4 color shades if the combination of the garments which you choose is already flashy or attention-seeking. You may use color tones like gray, beige, black, brown and also spice them with purple, golden, red or some other shades.

The main characteristics in short

When it comes to the choice of garments, Bohemian style should include maxi dresses, maxi skirts, oversized shirts, crochet tops, graphic tees and simple chambray tops. Ripped jeans, velvet pants and jackets also look good.

With regards to footwear, it includes ballet flats, ethnic inspired sandals like the Roman, Greek and the African styles. Shades are usually neutral like the beige and brown kinds.

Boho accessories play a vital role in completing the look. Whether they’re Bohemian bags or fedora hats, headwraps, turbans, colorful scarves, stylish sunglasses, you can team them cleverly with your Boho outfits.

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