Teen Style Guide: How to Wear Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are a closet staple for a lot of girls, not only are they flexible, they’re comfortable and also offer added support to the center of the foot, unlike standard heels. This makes Wedge shoes the ideal choice for anybody struggling to wear heels comfortably but still, want to try out the look.

You can go for a dressier or casual look by pairing up wedge sandals with dresses, shorts, skirts or trousers. They’re perfect for the numerous occasions too, whether you’re headed to school, for a wedding, a party or just looking for a pair of comfortable shoes.

What Are Wedge Sandals?

Wedge sandals or what is commonly referred to as wedges features a heel that runs the entire length of the sole or up to the middle of the shoe. The heel and sole are usually made from one material – Perspex, wood or cork. Trendy fashion stores like stock variety of Wedges that range from almost flat to high heels depending on your preference.

The Advantages of Wedges

Originally, wedge sandals were designed as an orthopedic aid; therefore, they can help in correcting heel problems or fallen arches among other instep issues. Since these shoes have a sturdy, single sole, they add support and stability, something you don’t get with block shoes and stilettos.

With better stability means you’re less likely to fall, thus wedges a safer choice especially when you’re not confident wearing heels. Wedge sandals not only offer the extra height of a heel but are also comfortable to wear over more extended periods.

What to Wear Wedge Shoes With

Wedges are varied and can be paired with almost anything from your wardrobe. There aren’t too many fashion rules that define how to wear wedge shoes. However, to make sure that you make the most out of your pair, here are the best ways to rock wedges:

How to Wear Wedge Shoes With Skinny Jeans

Combining wedge sandals with skinny jeans to pull off a casual look pretty straightforward. To keep the minimalist, for easygoing daytime wear, pick a wedge with a heel bellow 3″. Neutrals like brown, black, white and nude will work with most outfits.

How to Wear Wedges with Shorts

Much like skinny jeans, shorts are more of a casual dress code. Once more, opting for wedge sandals with low heels and a neutral color scheme is an excellent way to dress. Some adorable denim shorts, paired with wedge sandals and a plain t-shirt is a killer look on a sunny day.

How to Wear Wedges with A Dress

Wedge sandals can either dress your outfit up or down. When matching them with a dress, you want to choose wedges with more than 3” heels which will add style to your evening outfit. Select party wedges with glitter details for the wow factor. When pairing it with a daytime dress, consider the same rules to skinny jeans and shorts, low and simple is best for a casual look.

Picking the Correct Wedge Shoes

Just like any type of shoes, particular styles of wedges will fit you better than others. In case you’re not used to high heels, avoid selecting sky-high wedge sandals – even if it offers better support tan stilettos, you might still find it uncomfortable.

When shopping for wedge sandals consider the shape of your feet and ensure you try out different styles at so you can find out how comfortable they are. When you find the correct match of wedges, they’ll be a natural contender to your most favorite pay of shoes. Here are a couple of rules on what to search for:

Wide feet: a few brands offer broader fit varieties which are perfect for the plus size girls with thicker feet. Should you not find these on the market, opt for strappy alternatives instead of a peep toe as these can be adjusted to fit.

Narrow feet: if you have smaller feet, peep toes styles may be perfect fit. Go for wedges with ankle straps to keep your foot secure in the shoe.

Next time you’re shopping for new clothes, make sure to select some wedge sandals. As you can tell from the information above, wedges are very functional and a comfortable style to rock. Add some pair to your wardrobe!

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