Style Tips for Balding Men

Your hairstyle is, without a doubt, an important part of your image. As a matter of fact, men and women alike treat their hair as their crowning glory. Understandably, if you are starting to experience hair loss and going bald, it can be a cause to worry. Thus, it is understandable that a lot of men are looking for ways on how to grow their hair.

However, being bald does not mean you can no longer be stylish. In fact, being bald opens up a lot of fashion choices that are not easily available for men with a full hair. You will be surprised that a lot of times, you look better being bald!

Here are 10 style tips for balding men:

10. Buzz cut


If you're on the verge of balding, you might want to go to the barber to get a buzz cut. The best way to camouflage baldness is to trim areas where the hair is longer. If you' have a a nicely shaped skull like David Beckham, a closely trimmed haircut like the buzz cut will not only make you fashionable, but also make you look sexy at the same time.

9. Hair Color


If you are going bald, but still want to look great, you can color your hair or highlight the rest of it. Hair color gives your face a whole new look and definition, and makes your hair look fuller too. Just remember to choose lighter colors like blonde to make your hair look thicker.

8. Shave


The easiest solution to that balding head is to shave it clean. Why worry about going bald when you can flaunt it?

Famous bald men who have embraced it and totally shaved their heads include Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Michael Jordan and Chris Daughtry. So if you have a well-shaped head and a pleasant looking face, you can definitely carry a clean shaven look like these stars do.

7. Baseball Cap


Wearing a ball cap is a universal solution for bald men. Take Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi, for instance. These tennis greats never play tennis without their tennis cap. It serves the purpose of shielding their eyes from the glaring sky, and covering their balding head. They look great too! Regardless of the type of baldness and the nature of your face, a cap is a sure fashion hit.

Wearing a cap also gives you a sporty look too. And if you're really into sports, it's pretty cool to wear a cap that has the logo of your favorite NBA, MLB or NFL team.

6. Bandana


Remember Hulk Hogan? The Hulkster was the classic example of the guy with a bald spot. But his trademark bandanna made him one of the biggest stars in sports entertainment history. Wearing bandanas, especially during summer time, is an extremely stylish way of dealing with baldness. Vibrant and colorful bandanas make you look adventurous and exciting.

5. Wig


If you prefer to feel a rage of hair or locks on your head, you can always use a wig. There are bald men who get a boost of confidence when they see that gorgeous and thick hair on top of their heads.

Wigs come in different colors and styles, so if being glamorous is your thing, the wig is definitely for you. For example, the lion mane hair style of tennis legend Andre Agassi in the 1990's was not natural—it was a wig. The guy started a new hair trend without having it in the first place.

4. Shades


Wearing sunglasses give bald men a sophisticated and stylish look. Choosing the right one is the key here. Being bald makes it easier for you to choose which sunglasses are perfect because your face is more distinguished.

For example, square faces match well with round frames, while diamond-shaped faces look fashionable with butterfly- shaped frames.

3. Goatee


The classic goatee matches well with any face shape. A goatee gives you a sense of maturity and it exudes self-confidence. So if you're looking for a tough guy look, take a page from John Travolta's character in From Paris with Love. He was a badass, but still looked sexy and mysterious - a personality that easily attracts women.

2. Turban


If you are bald and you would like to look cool, going cultural with the turban says much about your personality. No, you do need to be someone from the Middle East to wear a turban. Certainly anyone can! Wearing a turban during a festive event or a special cultural occasion makes a great fashion statement. If you want to look taller, choose to wear the colorful ones.

1. Stud Earring


A diamond stud earring on a bald man is awesome. Think of Michael Jordan in a post- game interview, or watching an NBA game on the sidelines. Doesn't he look cool and hot? Diamond stud earring may be expensive, but it gives you that look of brilliance and class. And if you're middle-aged, wearing this fashion accessory will definitely give you a rock star look, as well.

With these fashion tips shared, you can see why being bald should never stop you from becoming hot and badass, fashionable and cool. Try these 10 fashion tips for bald men above and you'll be proud that you're bald.

Now who says bald isn't beautiful?

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