Straight Jeans Can Be More Slimming Than Skinny Jeans: Here’s Why?

Since the use of denim commercially nearly 140 years ago, there has been a sharp increase in the styles of jean that is available on the market. With skinny jeans, straight jeans and bootcut jeans dating back many years, there is some that wonder which is more slimming? Though this is a question that many fashion houses claim to know the answer to, the style of jeans that you wear is ultimately down to your personal preference. Whether you are a fan of skinny jeans for a night out or straight legs for lounging about at home, there is a cut that perfectly suits everyone. But could a straight jean be the best all-round option? To help you get started, we have compiled a list of reasons why straight jeans are the best option for those looking for a slimming effect.

They Create A Flattering Silhouette

One of the main reasons that many are making the switch from skinny jeans to straight jeans is the silhouette that they create. Whilst skinny jeans fit the contours of your body, slim-fit jeans have a slightly wider leg, though this is not for everyone, this can be seen as the more slimming option for many as it gives the illusion of slimmer legs.

Can Be Purchased In An Array Of Colours

In addition to the flattering silhouette, these jeans can also be purchased in an array of different colours. Whether this is a pair of black straight jeans or whitewashed colour, these can be purchased in any colour to suit your overall style. Whether you decide to wear them with your favourite trainers, or you decide to tuck them into your winter boots, these jeans can be purchased to mix and match with a number of your wardrobe staples for the ultimate look for the summer as well as the winter months.

Can Be Styled In Numerous Ways

In addition to this, straight-legged jeans can help to even out the proportions of the body when paired with a knitted sweater or jumper. When comparing straight-legged jeans to skinny jeans, the clear comparison is that straight jeans will not stick to the contours of the body. This, therefore, provides you with more room to move making them a jean that is better suited to those with a more active lifestyle. Though they are not meant for jogging or vigorous exercise, these are more comfortable on the legs and can even out the shape of your body helping you to appear slimmer.

They Work Will With An Active Lifestyle

A lifestyle with a vast amount of activity can take its toll on your jeans as the material slowly begins to wear away and with skinny jeans, it can happen all too quickly. As the material stretches around the knees and the tops of the legs you then run the risk of the material ripping.

However, with a straight-legged jean, you have more room around the tops of the legs and the knees for movement without putting stress on the material. This is great for those that are running errands, completing daily tasks and even lounging about on the sofa.

More Forgiving

The final way that these will benefit you when looking to appear slimmer is that they are more forgiving. Because they do not hug the contours of your body, they can hide the parts of your leg that you may feel self-conscious about. This will, therefore, allow you to feel more confident in yourself and begin to push boundaries with your fashion. Whether you pair your straight legs with a pair of high heels, or you decide to wear your favourite sneakers, you can be sure that these jeans will keep you looking great and feeling even better this new year.

Whether you are looking to redesign your wardrobe this year or you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans for the cooler weather, we are sure that straight jeans can help you to achieve any look you want. So before you head down to your nearest clothing store to replace your favourite pair of skinny jeans, why not try a pair of straight-legged jeans and follow this emerging trend for 2020. Will you be trying these for yourself?

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